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T-Mobile Netherlands needed to provide scalable, effective, and efficient social customer service

Industry: Technology

T-Mobile Netherlands Cuts Costs While Improving the Customer Experience

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T-Mobile Netherlands is one of the largest Dutch mobile telecommunications companies and offers a leading portfolio of mobile telecommunications services for consumers and businesses.

As social media began to grow in popularity, T-Mobile Netherlands needed to form a social media team that was scalable, efficient, and that delivered a cohesive brand persona.



The company reorganized their internal teams and created a clear social strategy. They leveraged Engagor to more efficiently handle the growing volumes of social data, engage with customers in realtime, and more efficiently allocate resources.


T-Mobile Netherlands has been able to decrease operational costs. Through a single social care campaign, they saved approximately $15,000 on calls into the call center. The team has also improved response times and has created a more empathetic workforce dedicated to improving the customer experience .