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Customer experience management (CEM) is the practice of managing and improving an organization’s customer touchpoints and interactions. By combining technology, strategies, and resources, companies can significantly improve customer satisfaction and loyalty, ultimately leading to increased revenue.

Why is customer experience management important?

Customer experience is truly a differentiator in today’s marketplace and has a profound impact on business success. 55% of consumers would pay more for a better experience, and, according to Forrester, the revenue impact from a 10% improvement in customer experience can translate to over $1 billion. To keep pace, companies must listen to and accurately interpret the voice of their customers.

Understanding the customer’s voice means implementing new processes and priorities. As part of these new ways of working, businesses are increasingly turning to customer experience management software that enables them to listen to all sources of customer data, including CRM and transaction data and customer feedback like surveys, social media, call center recordings, online chat, and many others

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How does Clarabridge help improve customer experience management programs?

Clarabridge provides enterprises with expert guidance and advanced technology to address every part of the CEM journey. From truly understanding the customer experience management definition to providing customer experience management software, as well as offering expert customer experience management consulting, Clarabridge is the leader in the CEM space.

It all starts with understanding what customer experience management truly is. For Clarabridge, customer experience management encompasses more than user experience or customer service. It’s a comprehensive process that begins with assessing every interaction between a customer and a brand at every point along the customer journey. These interactions all together make up the customer journey map, an invaluable first step in the customer experience management process. For enterprises that haven’t developed their customer journey map, Clarabridge provides customer experience management consulting services to help them along.

The next step in customer experience management is analyzing the Voice of the Customer (VoC) – that is, the customer’s feedback from each interaction. The Clarabridge CX Intelligence Platform is the most advanced customer experience management software available for doing that analysis. It allows you to integrate customer feedback from virtually any source, including call center recordings, survey responses, social media, online reviews, customer emails, CRM systems, point of sale data, and many others. Clarabridge collects data from all sources of customer feedback and combines them into a single, centralized hub to identify overarching themes, hidden and emerging trends, spikes in comments regarding certain products or among certain segments of your customers, and the root causes driving all of these conversations. Clarabridge also assesses the positive and negative sentiment attached to the customer feedback, so you can understand both the content and the emotions of your customer’s conversations. With your VoC data all in one place, presented in an easy-to-understand dashboard, you can discover exactly what your customers love and hate about your business.

Once the VoC data has been analyzed, the next step in your CEM practice is to use the analysis to drive improvements. Customer experience management consulting helps you to uncover insights that you can act upon, and also helps you to recognize which actions will have the biggest overall impact on your customer experience. Your customer experience management program can then be powered by a centralized view of all customer feedback. Clarabridge also provides a forum for additional ideas, and an annual customer experience management conference.

Clarabridge combines cutting-edge customer experience management software with the consulting services enterprises need to develop a mature customer experience program.

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