Illuminate your customer's voice

The Clarabridge Intelligence Platform

The key to truly understanding your customers and improving the customer experience exists within your data. The Clarabridge intelligence platform is the only solution that connects to all sources of customer feedback, analyzes the data in aggregate, and empowers your entire enterprise to act.

Collect Customer Feedback Directly and Dynamically

Are your surveys delivering the insight you need to make intelligent decisions? Our dynamic survey solution allows you to ask targeted questions to capture each customer’s unique experience. Interpret these responses in aggregate to detect common themes and make improvements that matter.

Connect to Everything

Customers are communicating with you through an increasing number of channels. The Clarabridge platform is a hub for all of this data, giving you a complete view of customer sentiment.

Don't miss a single word! Feedback varies by channel and your customers communicate with you in many different ways. Make informed customer experience management decisions by analyzing all sources of feedback.

Collect feedback from review sites like TripAdvisor, Bazaarvoice, Revoo, and other online retailers to gain insight into customer preferences and sentiment.

Using live chat on your website? Clarabridge allows you identify, track, and route the topics being discussed, and combine chat data with all other sources for complete customer intelligence.

Collect and analyze data from all survey sources including OpinionLab, ForeSee, and Verint.

Find out what customers are saying about you in blogs, forums, and user communities like those powered powered by Lithium.

By automatically transcribing call recordings, Clarabridge lets you analyze the literal voice of the customer along with all other feedback sources. No other customer feedback tool has this capability.

Over 100 billion business emails are sent each day, filled with customer sentiment about brands, products, and services. Clarabridge analyzes every word and detects key patterns and themes.

Analyze call center agent notes, employee feedback, and data from all other internal sources such as

Analyze More Efficiently and Effectively

You don’t have time to read every bit of customer feedback, so let technology do it for you. Clarabridge built the industry-leading natural language processing and machine learning technologies to bring together text analytics with all other forms of customer metrics.

Intelligence Platform Datasheet

Activate your Entire Organization

Clarabridge gives your employees customer feedback tools that alert them to problems, help them route and track issues, and allow them to make the right decisions to continuously improve customer experience.

Explore Roles

Engage with Customers

Use the Clarabridge intelligence platform to respond to customer feedback via social media or privately, escalate issues, and identify opportunities. Never lose track of the important customers and action items with the built-in case management features.

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