Actionable insights from every customer interaction, in one platform.

Once & for All

Grow sales, ensure compliance, and increase efficiency with the AI Platform that listens at every touchpoint to uncover depth and nuance.

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Say Hello to the Future of the Contact Center

  • All your VoC Channels in One Platform

    Feedback comes from many sources, and we capture them all. From voice recordings and agent notes, to chat logs and social media—no customer interaction goes unnoticed.

  • Leading-Edge Text Analytics & NLP

    Our AI platform is designed to allow you to make sense of insights ten times faster than any other platform at a fraction of the price. This means real ROI, real fast.

  • Robust, Proven Industry Solutions

    Our out-of-the-box solutions are designed to think like your compliance and legal teams, making it easier than ever to capture, flag, and act on potential issues.

  • Beyond Descriptive: Root Cause and Predictive Analytics

    Knowing which business decisions to make is easier than ever when you know exactly what your customers are asking for. With Clarabridge’s predictive analytics, you have the edge. 

  • Best-in-Class Technology and Services

    Don’t let the other guys fool you. Clarabridge is best-in-class, and Forrester agrees, naming us the only vendor recognized in two Forrester Waves.  Want to know more? See for yourself.

Don’t Fall Behind

The customer experience shift is moving fast, but we’ve got your back. Stay updated with our blog, hear it first hand at events, and get resources from the learning center.

Smarter By The Billions

We’ve learned from billions of interactions, so you don’t have to. And with our dynamic duo of sentiment analysis techniques and natural language processing , the learning never stops.


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