Turn Complexity into Clarity

Your customers are constantly giving you feedback through a plethora of channels. The explosion of these channels and the sheer volume of data creates challenges. Powered by AI and machine learning, Clarabridge can help you make sense of it all.

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Start by Listening

Every call, every chat, every tweet, every post, every comment, every conversation, every sentence. EVERY WORD. Every customer interaction presents an opportunity; don't miss a single one.

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Unleash the Machine

Let AI, machine learning and smart algorithms make sense of your big data challenge. Extract customer emotion, effort, sentiment, and intent. Discover insights; predict behavior; recommend action.

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Change the Game

Analyze, deploy, operationalize, engage better. Package and disseminate knowledge to far-reaching corners of your organization.

Impact strategy, improve operations, enhance marketing, deliver superior products. All with bullet-proof security, all in the cloud, all with Clarabridge.

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lead with strategic insight.

Frontline Employees

act with confidence.

Contact Center Managers

respond with care.

Digital Teams

engage with customers.

Product Managers

build better solutions.

Top Global Brands Choose Clarabridge

Hundreds of major brands use Clarabridge to improve the customer journey.

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Our Vision

Powering you with insights to deliver the best customer experience

At Clarabridge, we are obsessed with delivering innovative customer experiences and contact center solutions. With over a decade of experience in designing and delivering industry-recognized best-in-class text and speech analytics, we have enabled thousands of global brands to transcend from insights to action.

Say hello to Clarabridge:

3 Waves of Forrester Recognition

In 2018, Clarabridge was named a Leader and a Strong Performer in Customer Feedback Management, Text Analytics and AI-Fueled Speech Analytics.

89% Customer Renewal Rate

Clarabridge customers value their partnerships with us and keep coming back for more.

130 Pre-Built Industry Models

Clarabridge has an extensive collection of industry use cases and models that are pre-built and ready to deploy with your data.

18 Billion Conversations Processed

Clarabridge is only getting faster and smarter, so we’ll always be able to scale with you.

100% of Customer Touchpoints

Phone calls, chat, email, and social are just a few ways customers are talking to you. Clarabridge transcribes 100% of voice recordings quickly and accurately.


Customer Experience

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Contact Center

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Digital Engagement

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Resources & Events

Clarabridge Customer Connections London 2019

C3 Europe is coming back to London for an immersive 2-day experience designed to help you unlock best practices and techniques applied by Customer Experience (CX) and Digital Customer Care industry leaders. Save the date to make sure you don’t miss out on engaging networking opportunities and interactive seminars led by industry experts, thought leaders, and top practitioners.

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