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When you listen everywhere, analyze everything, and engage everyone there is at least one guaranteed result—a CX Revolution. Start with the customer’s voice and set the course with the Clarabridge CX Suite.

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Power a Revolution with the Clarabridge Suite

  • CX Contact Center

    The Contact Center is a treasure-trove of customer feedback.  Clarabridge helps you get more value from voice recordings, chat logs, agent notes or any interaction channel by mining the actual voice of the customer for CX transformation insights.

  • Customer Experience Surveys

    CX Survey combines dynamic feedback collection with best-in-class text analytics and sentiment analysis to deliver precise and actionable customer insights.

  • Customer Experience Analytics

    Clarabridge helps improve the customer experience by putting customer feedback to work. CX Analytics is the only solution that listens to all your customer feedback data, analyzes exactly why customers feel the way they do, and powers real-time, front-line response and business optimization.

  • Social Customer Service

    CX Social allows brands to listen to their customers on social media and online community sites, engage with them, track team and CX metrics, and scale these efforts across a global team.

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You don’t get to be the leader in customer experience analytics without experience. Billions of records later, we know how to make it easy, accurate and actionable.


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