January 1, 2011 00:00 AM

Clarabridge, Inc., the leading provider of sentiment and text analytics software implemented by many Global 1000 companies to improve customer experience management (CEM) today announced a 105% year over year organic sales growth for 2010 and a doubling of enterprise customer acquisition over 2009, which was driven in large part by new products, APIs and product enhancements. As a company focused on helping other companies understand and respond to their customers’ needs and desires, Clarabridge focused on listening to its own customers, which helped it achieve a 95% retention rate.

“2010 represents an enormous step forward for the company as we entered several new industries including aerospace, consumer packaged goods, automotive, grocery, health care and insurance,” said Sid Banerjee, CEO Clarabridge Inc. “Our completely organic sales growth has included new marquis accounts in each of these industries, including some of our newly announced relationships with names such as Nissan, Wendy’s, QVC and B/E aerospace. In addition to that, we’ve continued to innovate upon our now patented technologies to offer customers enterprise class products and a visionary roadmap in which they can strategically invest.”

In February of 2010, Clarabridge found itself again in a leadership role with the launch of the industry’s first self service, SaaS based sentiment and text analytics product, Clarabridge Professional. The new offering was designed with smaller projects and companies in mind. Users can upload their data and within minutes begin analyzing their unstructured data using a variety of pre-loaded category models. Nearly 800 middle-market organizations used Clarabridge Professional in the short 9 months since its availability. Today, users can still sign up for a trial account of Clarabridge Professional and receive 2,000 free verbatims.

Building even further on its foundation of innovation, Clarabridge Enterprise and its patented technologies have gone through two revisions in 2010, including several major enhancements. Clarabridge Enterprise became the first product on the market to express sentiment on an 11 point intensity scale, giving companies for the first time the ability to have more nuanced understandings of customers, which more accurately reflects their true sentiment and emotion. This year also saw the addition of APIs for the Clarabridge platform, allowing users direct access to the sentiment and text analytics engine for deep integration of multichannel content and creation of robust analytic solutions through partner enabled white label programs. With these capabilities, Clarabridge expanded its channel and programs announcing new OEM and partner relationships with companies such as J.D. Power, KaPow, Verint, Valtera, and Teradata. Clarabridge also incorporated customer feedback into a complete refresh of its user interface in 2010, adding dashboards and other enhanced reporting and analysis features.

Additionally, 2010 has seen a dramatic shift in how our platforms and products are used, with nearly 90% of our customers using Clarabridge Enterprise in a hosted environment. Our scalability, security and deep, mature technology has become the only truly hosted enterprise solution available for sentiment and text analytics. Other product enhancements include: native support for Spanish language, expanded multichannel content integration support with direct Facebook and Twitter APIs, a new user interface and a variety of wizards and templates that streamline the user experience. With a vision towards the future, the Clarabridge platform is already evolving into a solution that will continue to address customers’ needs as they look towards utilizing universal customer analytics solutions for their voice of the customer programs.

Another key component to the momentum built in 2010 was the second annual Clarabridge Customer Connections (C3) conference held at Disneyworld in Florida. The event provides a forum for Clarabridge customers to interact with each other and exchange ideas on how to better serve customers in their voice of the customer programs. Last year’s event attracted over 150 participants from 60 companies worldwide and C3 2011, happening January 24-26, at the Bellagio in Las Vegas, already has nearly 250 registered attendees. Event goers will be able to hear presentation from 18 customers and 4 partners including speakers from: Alterian, Bazaar Voice, B/E aerospace, Best Buy, Choice Hotels, Expedia, Gaylord Entertainment, General Mills, Intuit, J.D. Power, Microsoft, NM Incite, Radian6, Sage Software, TD Ameritrade, United Airlines, USAA, Verint, Walker, and Walmart.

In 2010 Clarabridge was also recognized by Inc. Magazine with placement in the Inc 500 fastest growing companies. Clarabridge was listed at #101 in the overall group, and at #7 for fastest growing company software vendors.

About Clarabridge

Clarabridge is the leading provider of sentiment and text analytics software for customer experience management. Clarabridge provides Global 1000 enterprises with the ability to automatically collect, classify, apply sentiment analysis, and report on text-based verbatims found in voice of the customer feedback channels including call centers, surveys, communities, forums, emails, chats, and social media conversations. The result is improved marketing, product/service offerings, operations and customer service. Clarabridge customers include AOL, B/E Aerospace, Capital One, Choice Hotels, Expedia, Gaylord Hotels, H&R Block, Intuit, Marriott International, Nissan, QVC, Inc., Sage North America, United Airlines, Walmart, Walgreens, and Wendy’s International. Clarabridge is privately held with headquarters in Reston, Va. For more information, visit https://www.clarabridge.com or twitter: @clarabridge .