5 Reasons Legacy Speech Analytics Can’t Meet Today’s Expectations

Faster, Better, Cheaper: It’s the eternal business conundrum because you can really only pick two. Legacy contact center vendors such as NICE, Verint, and Genesys focus more on workforce management and practically give away their speech analytics product, for free. That’s because these tools can’t deliver on the speed and functionality Customer Experience (CX) driven companies need today.

Here are 5 reasons why Legacy Speech Analytics tools fail to deliver value
when applied to Customer Experience initiatives:

Focus is on speech, with an inability to integrate queries and analysis across all Voice of the Customer data sources.   Keyword spotting for conversation topics does not provide the level of drill-down required for deep insight.   Lack of prebuilt topic models greatly elongates the implementation and insight discovery.   Phonetic approach makes the audio retention for processing and playback very expensive. No easy way to identify trends over time.   Takes a complex format to build a handful of queries with extra services for tuning and maintenance. No way to respond to changing environment.


Report: Clarabridge vs. Legacy Speech Analytics

Want to understand the limitations of traditional speech analytics in today’s modern contact center? This eBook outlines why it’s critical to go beyond a traditional phonetic approach to encompass a unified view across all data sources.

Reasons Companies Choose Clarabridge
Instead of Legacy Speech Analytics for CX Analytics


Omnichannel view across all data sources X
Purpose-built for Voice of the Customer (VoC) Experience Analytics X
150+ deep-insight templates tuned for industry use cases to get you started X
Intuitive topic modeling without complex queries or coding X
Machine learning transcription tuned for industry-specific terms X
Business user friendly (drag and drop, no coding) X
Ability to do time-series, year over year and seasonality analysis X
Drill down and root cause exploration X
Natural Language Understanding tuned for customer conversations X
Every utterance assessed to determine sentiment, effort, emotion, and intent X
Easily quantify and report on human emotions such as anger and confusion X
Auto-scoring of interactions based on your own criteria sets X
Call recorder agnostic X
Fast and scalable reporting across millions of conversations X
Ability to deploy to thousands of users across the globe X
Robust closing-the-loop capabilities to assign, track and measure customer experience improvements X
Commitment to long term value delivery and customer success X

“It took us 8 hours to write, test, and implement a query in the previous tool. We created over 350 queries, spending more than 3000 hours overall. Clarabridge did much more than that in a matter of a few hours.”

VP of Member Experience, Large Health Insurance Company

“Our team spent months on the previous tool to write the complex queries to search just the audio data. The text-based sources were all in a black box. Clarabridge allowed us to apply the same queries to both text and speech sources, so that we can look at the overall picture.”

Head of Contact Center Operations, Global Financial Services Company

“We had a dedicated analyst for our previous tool who would spend weeks on identifying root causes and creating reports. Clarabridge is much better suited for advanced CX analysis such as Category Suggestions, Intent Detection, Emerging Themes Detection, Sentence Types, Emotion, Sentiment and Effort Scoring.”

VP of Customer Experience , Fortune 500 Customer

The Proof is in the Execution

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