A Message from CEO, Mark Bishof on COVID-19

March 19, 2020 18:23 PM

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Dear Customers and Partners,

We hope you are coping well in these turbulent times and want to assure you that we are committed to ensuring continuity of our support to you. Clarabridge is actively helping our clients track and assess public discourse, behavior and prevention measures as we collectively respond to the escalating COVID-19 crisis. Following the World Health Organization’s declaration of a pandemic, over 100 Clarabridge clients sprang into action, working in partnership with us to extract valuable insights that help assess the impact and drive action resulting from customer concerns around COVID-19. Based on the time criticality and tremendous inbound requests, Clarabridge has established a Command Center to best leverage our platform and expertise in this time of crisis.

Clarabridge has developed several industry frameworks and associated templates for monitoring and responding to the COVID-19 impacts. We can help you quickly establish a “war room” where you can listen, analyze, and report/respond to all customer conversations involving COVID-19. Using our industry-leading speech and text analytics capabilities against calls, surveys, messaging platforms, social media, and event news sources, here’s how we are currently assisting Customers and Partners:

Providing Industry Analytical Frameworks to quickly set up an industry relevant command center:

  • Health insurers and providers: tracking conversations related to prescription access, tests, doctor visits, claims, and coverage requests, seeking to understand needs by member type, age/demographic, and using feedback to optimize policies, responses, and agent/contact center response management.
  • Airlines, travel and hospitality providers: tracking geographic responses to COVID-19, outbreaks, cancellation/rebooking/refund requests, and emotions, fears, and concerns related to travel across their travel networks, and using the insights to determine general and geographic response strategies.
  • Retailers: tracking customer requests for basic staples, expressed concerns over shortages, store cleanliness/appearance, extracting suggestions and feedback to direct resources and support where needed, and responding to operational issues with contact center, digital, and mobile response guidance.
  • Financial services organizations: tracking feedback on branch responses to social distancing, monitoring discussions on credit issues, delinquency, bank viability, and investment/stock market concerns, and using these insights drive general and specific responses, policies, and communications to customers.


Powering Digital Engagement to respond quickly to customer issues:


Feedback from one of our customers on day 3 of setting up their command center:

“We’ve been using Clarabridge daily to research how our members are being affected by this COVID-19 pandemic. We’ve been able to agilely respond to member’s issues and provide follow-up, within 24 hours, to help resolve their original issue. It has been amazing to be able to see what they are actually talking about on the call, and not just what our CSRs categorized it as on our systems. It’s really starting to show us what’s driving our calls so we can help build programs around those drivers.”

If you are interested in getting started with any of these industry frameworks or require our help in setting up your own crisis response center, please contact the Command Center via email at CommandCenter@Clarabridge.com or reach out to your Clarabridge Sales Account Representative or Services Engagement Manager.

Beyond the industry use cases outlined above, our services teams are working across our client base to add data sources and share best practices, dashboard samples, models, and other templates. If you would like to get involved, ask your Clarabridge Engagement Manager. All we ask of you is a willingness to allow Clarabridge to share your “war room” experiences and templates with other Clarabridge customers. All artifacts shared will be stripped of corporate branding and other identifying details to ensure client anonymity. We assure complete data privacy. The goal is simply to foster a spirit of community as we share strategies among business leaders.

We believe that there is much to learn from this public health crisis. In addition to applying our COVID-19 listening models to client data sources, Clarabridge is analyzing public social media and other pooled data for community insight and issue-related trends. Stay tuned to our Command Center page to view information from the front lines on how this pandemic is affecting industries, the political landscape, and the economy. If you would like to contribute to this data pooling effort, let your Engagement Manager know.

The companies that demonstrate empathy and choose a community-informed, data-driven approach to crisis response will emerge with greater customer loyalty and trust. We sincerely hope you are one of those companies. We are here to help.


Mark Bishof
Chief Executive Officer