AWS Contact Center Intelligence

Clarabridge through AWS Contact Center Intelligence provides organizations a unifying platform which can easily and accurately transcribe call center data for customer-focused analysis alongside the plethora of text-based customer feedback sources.


How Clarabridge Fits Into AWS Contact Center Intelligence

As an AWS CCI Partner, Clarabridge fits a unique niche of being a customer experience focused post-call and omnichannel analytics vendor.  Leveraging Amazon Transcribe, a best-in-class Automatic Speech Recognition solution, Clarabridge is able to transcribe audio data from both inbound and outbound calls, and pair the data with customer feedback from emails, chats, surveys, social media posts, and more, to provide a comprehensive understanding of key performance metrics like sentiment, customer effort, and emotion.

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Why It Matters

Modern omnichannel contact centers require omnichannel analytics solutions.

Highest accuracy transcription combined with highest accuracy natural language processing (NLP) provides the highest quality insights and analytics potential.

Understanding contact drivers allows organizations identify agent efficiency improvements, deflection and self-service opportunities, risk factors, and areas of customer delight and friction.

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