Partner Spotlight: Customerville

Customerville transforms customer experience surveys into rich, interactive experiences using its unique Design-driven Feedback™ platform. A pioneer in the CX field, Customerville fielded one of the first real-time CX surveys on the internet.

Why Customer Experience Matters to Customerville

Combining Customerville’s Design-driven Feedback™ technology with Clarabridge’s industry-leading text analytics engine is the antidote to the growing pains that the customer experience industry is facing. Customerville’s design-focused surveys provoke increased response rates and higher-quality feedback to provide Clarabridge’s analytics engine with more insights than ever. And that feedback can also be distributed using Customerville’s dynamic curation approach to blending stats, stories, and photos in ways designed to maximize employee engagement.

What Sets Customerville Apart

  • Rich, interactive customer feedback surveys
  • Unique blend of technology, art, and behavioral science
  • Curated feedback to engage employees

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