Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Voice

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Voice and Clarabridge, together offer the most comprehensive enterprise feedback management solution in the market, linking real-time survey data enriched by Natural Language Understanding to customer records across the line of Dynamics 365 business applications.


How Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Voice Supports CX Insights

Dynamics 365 Customer Voice’s immediate feedback capture capability enables organizations to gauge customer experiences across all preferred channels.  The data is enhanced through Clarabridge’s industry-leading AI and machine learning Natural Language Understanding engine to quantify, measure, and monitor key performance metrics like customer sentiment, effort, emotion, and intent.

In This Spotlight Video:

  • Ray Smith, General Manager of Microsoft Dynamics 365
  • Sid Banerjee, Founder and Chief Strategy Officer of Clarabridge,

Why It Matters?

All customer feedback is fully integrated with Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Clarabridge analytics to give a 360 view of customer experiences. This deep connectivity between solutions drives more intelligent customer engagement through automatic alerts to key indicators of customer churn and suggested optimization improvements through customized dashboards.

Improvements to NPS, CSAT, and Customer Loyalty increase top line revenue and customer lifetime value

Tracking customer friction points across their journey reduces customer churn opportunities

Automating the customer close-loop management process saves time and money in the contact center

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