Oracle Cloud CX Service, users can connect to and analyze hundreds of customer feedback sources in one place and route insights into Oracle CX Service for closed loop customer management.

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Why Customer Experience Matters to Oracle CX Service

Oracle CX Service delivers service through any channel at any time, while balancing automation with high-value customer engagement. Oracle CX Service (part of Oracle Cloud CX) offers solutions for B2C, B2B, and field service to help your business exceed customer expectations.

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What Sets Oracle CX Service Apart

Recharge agents with a simplified, automated experience that helps them offer seamless and meaningful service anytime and anywhere on customers’ preferred channels.

Exceeded customer expectations by predicting the need for service, automating processes, and delivering tailored responses to each customer at the right time.

Streamline interactions and jump-start collaboration between multiple teams while connecting front-office with back-office applications to create a 360-degree view of customer accounts throughout their journey.

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