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Smooch is an omni-channel conversation platform that connects any business software to all the world’s messaging channels. From sales and marketing campaigns to conversational commerce and customer support, Smooch lets you have one conversation with your customers no matter where they are.

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Why Customer Experience Matters to Smooch

Customer experience is the biggest battleground for businesses today, and businesses committed to delivering exceptional experiences need to be wherever their customers are. But being “multi-channel” is quickly becoming table stakes. A true omni-channel experience leverages and maintains context across channels so that no matter where a customer reaches out to you, it feels like one continuous conversation. Smooch’s mission is to make it so that customers never have to repeat themselves!


What Sets Smooch Apart

  • Smooch enables you to connect Clarabridge Enage to all the world’s messaging channels.
  • You can go beyond simple text and emojis to deliver the experiences people expect. With Smooch in the loop, agents can send buttons, date pickers, carousels, and more to deliver personal and impactful customer experiences on any channel.
  • You can connect your bots to Smooch and deploy them on any channel—even those without bot support. Seamlessly transfer conversations between bots and human agents.
  • Smooch allows multiple business systems to contribute to, enrich, or learn from a customer conversation.  For example, an airline can send a boarding pass over Smooch from a reservation system, have replies to the boarding pass notification be handled by a bot, allow the bot to escalate to a human using Clarabridge Engage, have the entire conversation record continuously analyzed for sentiment, and then have a marketing automation platform selectively send outbound marketing based on the latest customer sentiment.
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