Analyze Digital Interactions in Clarabridge Engage

Clarabridge Engage provides your teams with the tools they need to investigate and visualize customer data across social media, messaging apps, and more. Achieve greater upsell, resolve concerns, and prevent channel hopping from online to phone calls with better analytics. 


Track Your Social Media Mentions and Know Your Brand’s Reputation

Understand chat volumes, sentiment, trends and your audience with Social Insights and Social Pulse. Plus, take advantage of competitor benchmarking with specialized widgets that let you compare your brands to your competitors. 

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Analyze Team Performance to Save Time and Make Money

Track your team’s performance even while working remotely. Use Clarabridge Engage’s dashboard reports and metrics for average handle time, idle time, first contact response rates, and more — all within Engage.  

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Expand Analytic Capabilities with Clarabridge CX Analytics

Clarabridge Engage and CX Analytics work together seamlessly to give businesses an even broader set of tools to analyze all of your customer conversations. Calls, chats, social media, reviews, and nearly any other form of customer feedback can be analyzed in CX Analytics . Manage your digital customer service and overall customer experiences by using Engage and CX Analytics together. 

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More About Clarabridge’s Analytics

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Unleashing the Power of Text Analytics

Customer experience data is everywhere: phone calls, agent notes, online reviews, social engagement, chat messages, emails, and surveys. This white paper covers how Clarabridge does text analytics with Natural Language Understanding (NLU) to help you realize the greatest business value from your customer interactions. 

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American Banker: Where Machines Excel in Detecting Customer Emotion

Clarabridge’s text analytics capabilities were highlighted in American Banker’s article, “Worried? Angry? Where Machines Excel in Detecting Customer Emotions,” written by Miriam Cross and published on June 30, 2020. Read the excerpt from our blog to see where Clarabridge excels in emotion detection and how it generates value for your business. 

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Value-Driven Workflows: Triaging Emotion and High Effort Feedback

Some interactions present more opportunity or risk than others. While we want to react to everything as quickly as possible, it is imperative that we have a system to understand potential impact and triage feedback, risk, and opportunities accordingly. This session will connect the dots between several signature Clarabridge features to demonstrate how you can understand drivers of specific outcomes, score future records to reflect related risk (or opportunity!) and prioritize customer engagements in a consistent way. 

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