Value-Generating, Humanizing Automation in Clarabridge Engage

Clarabridge Engage includes a wide breadth of automations for digital customer care teams, wherever they live in your organization. Automatic categorization of messages, flowbot automations, and more make your employees’ and customers’ lives easier. 


Implement and Optimize Chatbots Across Platforms and Apps

Save money by automating the most frequently asked and simple questions with a chatbot. Take advantage of customizable “flows” to guide your chatbot conversations across Engage’s many messaging app integrations. Plus, send automatic ice breakers to greet consumers and provide flows to help them with the most common issues in the customer journey.

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Automate Workflows to Save Time and Money

Route messages to the right agents using categorizations tuned for your business. Ensure teams with the best expertise see the messages which they can best address. Plus, automatically alert agents to follow-up with customers and automatically push out surveys to customers.


Automatically Tag Conversations with High Effort, Low Sentiment, and More with NLU

Automatically tag conversations with effort, sentiment, emotion, and emotional intensity in Clarabridge Engage. Understand which messages might indicate possible churn, dissatisfaction, delight, increased customer loyalty, and more with Natural Language Understanding.

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More About Automation in Engage

CXPert Series Engage Session

Bringing Humanity Back to the Contact Center with Automation

The contact center is a complicated place. Contact centers often have to reconcile competing and conflicting customer and employee concerns that cause stress for both sides of the conversation. People want an empathetic customer experience, and employees want an empathetic working environment, too. So how do we make the contact center less stressful for everyone? Automation may provide an answer. See in this CXpert Series session how automation can bring humanity back to your contact center all while providing increased value and more empathetic experiences. 

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Automation Brings Humanity Back to Digital Customer Experiences

In simplest terms, automation is technology which ensures that humans don’t need to do boring, repetitive tasks. Automation ought to help employees and customers so that they can get more done by saving time. See how automation can actually bring human experiences back to digital customer experiences in this blog post. 

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