2 Considerations to Make Before Implementing a Digital Customer Service

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By: Shorit Ghosh

April 11, 2020

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Deciding to add a digital channel to the contact center is not an easy decision to make and there will be many things to consider. For example, how will the agents adapt to the new channels? Do customers find value in these channels? Etc.

Here are two common considerations to think about before implementing digital customer service in the contact center.

Pay attention to what your “traditional channel” agents needs to know about the new digital channel to ensure consistency

In order to provide an effortless omnichannel experience to your customers, you don’t want your phone agents to be caught off guard when your customers ask questions about the new channel or complain about failures they had on the new channel which forced them to call in. A related yet almost more important consideration is to ensure consistency among your channels. This consistency needs to be in terms of policy, price, products and features. You don’t want customers to get conflicting information from different channels. For example, a customer may say something like “the price you are offering is different from what I saw on the digital channel.” To avoid these scenarios, make sure your contact center is trained and equipped to answer the inevitable set of new questions that will come your way upon launch.

Measure and understand how the new digital channel is adding value

As you launch a new digital channel, offering or capability, it is critical to understand how it’s being perceived by your customers. You need to monitor and evaluate if it is adding value, whether customers are adopting the new capabilities, what challenges are emerging around the new channel. Most importantly is it critical for you to evaluate if the new channel results in better outcomes for the organization—reduced call volume, higher FCR, better satisfaction and higher loyalty. Use interactions analytics software to monitor feedback from both the new digital channel and to monitor feedback from your phone queues related to customer questions about the new channel.

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About the Author:
Shorit Ghosh is the Vice President of North America Services at Clarabridge. Shorit manages a team of consulting managers, business consultants and technical architects to help his customers improve their own customer experience, increase revenue, and reduce cost and churn.