3 Essential Ingredients Your Social CRM Strategy Can’t Go Without

By: Sofie De Beule

December 13, 2013

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The way a company establishes close personal relationships with (potential) customers, really defines a business nowadays. Having one-on-one conversations with your customers, quickly responding to customer feedback, managing your online reputation: social media has become a big part of CRM.

Now don’t go rushing in to social CRM. Make sure to define a social CRM strategy and keep in mind the following focus points.

 1. Social word of mouth

Use social media to nurture ‘conversations’

For any digital company, word of mouth conversations are one of the most effective marketing routes. This type of conversations, undoubtedly carry the highest amount of trust when people want to learn more about your products or services.

While word of mouth used to take place mainly offline, nowadays customers are also discussing your products online, and this is a huge opportunity for brands. Not only can you often “listen in” on these conversations and learn from them, you can actually make a difference. Don’t just wait around till your customers start talking positively about your product or service, be pro-active and nurture it!

2. Honesty

Make it your No. 1 Social CRM policy

Adding a human touch to your company’s online communication is key to any social media success story. Honesty is always a great part of that, as customers are tired of companies setting unachievable expectations. Let there be no doubt: customers are merciless and they won’t easily give your brand a second chance.

It’s extremely important to keep your customers satisfied. This can only be achieved if a company builds a sincere online presence. Customers aren’t willing to stay (socially) connected to your company (or even become a brand ambassador), if they pick up on your misleading social media efforts!

3. Tracking

Keep track of your existing customer relationships

Creating a positive customer experience is just one step. Keeping track of your existing customer relationships holds another challenge. Just be pro-active: if someone sends out a nice tweet about your ‘delightful service’, respond to it… and make note of it!

In brief, stay organized and work towards an efficient social CRM program. This will ultimately help your business grow. If companies need more structure, investing in good CRM software works wonders.