3 Golden Rules – Key Takeaways from Forrester and others at the London CX Summit

By: Clarabridge Team

June 16, 2015

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Last week, more than 60 executives from leading brands across the UK and Europe joined speakers from Forrester, RSA Insurance and Vodafone to share best practices for building a Customer Experience (CX) programme. The Clarabridge CX Summit in London brought together some of the leading minds in CX, and they in turn revealed their three golden rules for building a CX programme:

Executive sponsorship is key

Getting executive sponsorship is crucial to growing any sustainable CX programme, whether yours is an initiative across 10 countries, or is run by a team of 1. The executive level helps drive customer experience as a strategic focus, tying incentive plans to customer experience metrics, such as Net Promoter Scores (NPS). The C-suite also drive action, making sure customer data is fed down to the front line employees who can act on the customer feedback and make a positive impact on the customer journey.

Without metrics, you may as well give up now

Whether you use Net Promoter Score (NPS), Customer Effort scores, or a different metric, it is imperative to have a measurement framework in place. Having one common metric across the company means everyone’s aligned and pushing in the same direction, from the tactical to the strategic, to improve customer experience. For example, one leading UK-based company collects NPS at four levels:

  • External benchmarking: helps to monitor progress against competitors.
  • P&L: gives insight into their customer’s feelings in each business, and is used to identify where the exec suite needs to target investment.
  • Customer journey: provides granular and actionable insight about specific points along the customer journey, such as renewals or onboarding.
  • Customer service: each agent call is tracked and measured, helping the company’s Operations team improve their services at an individualised level.

The Missing E

Social media may have forever changed the way companies interact with their customers, but the basics remain the same. One takeaway we had from Forrester Research Guest Speaker, Joana Van Den Brink-Quintanilha, was that every customer has the following expectations when interacting with a brand:

  • Effectiveness – they want to accomplish their goals
  • Ease – they want to have a seamless and easy experience
  • Emotion – once accomplished, they want to feel the same or better

For too long, companies have been asking themselves questions based on ease and effectiveness: did the customer receive a quote, is the website UI legible, or is the process efficient. Companies are forgetting that a third factor – the emotions that follow an experience – is crucial in influencing customer loyalty. Companies need to create positive emotions, like happiness and surprise.

For example, one leading airline company found that a key moment in their passenger’s journey was having their checked baggage arrive at their destination. To make this a more enjoyable experience, this airline was the first to allow passengers to track their bags via their app or website. This gives its customers peace of mind and reduces stress when a bag arrives at the carousel later than expected.

These three lessons from the Clarabridge London CX summit offer a healthy sampling of what CX pros will hear at our C3 conference in Miami next week.

To learn more about best practices for building a CX programme, read our ebook: Building a Customer Experience-Focused Organisation.


Serina Aswani is Manager of Content Marketing and EMEA Marketing at Clarabridge. As part of her responsibilities, Serina serves as the voice of Clarabridge’s customers, highlighting customer stories and sharing proven best practices for implementing successful Customer Experience Management programs. Serina also oversees content marketing strategy and PR for the Europe, Middle East, and Africa (EMEA) region. She is responsible for establishing Clarabridge’s position as an industry thought leader across EMEA. Serina holds a M.S. in Commerce, specializing in Marketing and Management, as well as a B.A in French and Studio Arts, from the University of Virginia. Read more from Serina on Twitter at @SerinaAswani