3 Key Drivers For Social Customer Service Program Success

By: Sofie De Beule

August 3, 2016

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Making your social customer service program a success can be a tough nut to crack. Luckily, there are critical success factors to help you make headway.

1. Stimulate company-wide involvement. Keeping everyone aligned on your goals and KPIs and making sure everyone’s on the same page is one of the most underestimated drivers for customer service success. By actively sharing regular updates on your efforts with the entire company, you can prove your efforts are paying off.

Get all your stakeholders on board right from the start to make a head start. Don’t sweep your efforts under the table; be transparent and open to feedback. Set up a reporting system that sends frequent updates. In addition, you can organize company-wide meetings to share your efforts internally and open up a discussion about ways to improve.

2. Beware of the ‘adopt and forget approach’. While companies usually start off with a lot of energy, that first, initial burst of enthusiasm when adopting a social customer service program quickly wears off. This is especially true if you don’t have a strong strategy to fall back on. A lack of direction and a clear, long-term vision can doom your social customer service program.

Essentially, it’s key to have a social customer service leader to take full ownership of your social customer service program. He or she should oversee the whole picture, and make sure your day-to-day operations reflect your strategy. Don’t be afraid to take a step back if you feel sidetracked in order to re-evaluate your program. For example, make sure your social customer service agents are still using the right tone of voice and regularly check individual responses at random.

3. Create SLAs & change them while you go. Expectations from customers are evolving. They’re become more demanding for the overall experience you deliver through social customer service, especially when it comes to how fast you respond to their complaints and questions. As a result, SLAs need to evolve as well to have a leg up on competition.

Best-in-class providers of social customer service openly communicate about their SLAs on their social profiles to manage expectations of customers and leverage the speed of reply as a competitive advantage. Some companies even take it up a notch, optimizing their SLAs and well surpassing industry standards.

If you’re doing well right now, that doesn’t mean your social customer service program is here to stay. Make sure that once you adopt a social strategy, you get your company to also adopt these success strategies. Learn more about the steps you need to take in Aberdeen’s report to help you on your road to social customer service success.

Sofie De Beule is Content Marketing Specialist at Clarabridge. She helps establish Clarabridge as a thought leader for Social Customer Service and Customer Experience. Sofie’s an Engagor expert, Clarabridge’s best-in-class social customer service solution, inspiring brands on how to manage and get their social customer service program off the ground. Sofie holds a bachelor’s degree in Public Relations & International Marketing from Artevelde University College Ghent. Read more from Sofie on Twitter @sofiedbeule.