3 Keys to Defining a Global Social Media Engagement Strategy

By: Sofie De Beule

February 24, 2015

Creating a global social media engagement strategy isn’t just something that comes out of the blue. Some companies seem to bite off more than they can chew and desperately need a global social media engagement strategy to help streamline and structure their social media efforts.

Moreover, a centralized social media approach, with the help of a global social media engagement strategy, allows brands to deliver on a consistent voice, a unified brand, and ultimately, a meaningful customer experience. Whether you’re a hotel chain, a telecom operator, or a global airline company, social media can still prove to be a tough nut to crack.

What are key factors that help define a worldwide social media engagement strategy? What can help you to define clear objectives from the outset? Here’s a list of 3 important elements we’ve compiled to take into account when creating a global social media engagement strategy:

1. Focus Only On What’s Important

It won’t come as a surprise that focusing on what’s important means delivering what customers really expect on social media: delivering exceptional social customer service. Make it part of your strategy to respond in a timely manner, and resolve issues within a certain frame.

Nowadays, social media isn’t about being able to apply the wittiest tone of voice, it’s about replying to incoming customer queries in a timely manner.

2. Scale Your Efforts

Okay, let’s move on to talking about how you can make sure your really ace global social media engagement. The key in making sure you’ll achieve success with your social media engagement strategy is empowering your employees across the globe to follow up on it. Being able to respond to customer queries within a timely manner, and making sure all international departments follow through, involves a lot of behind-the-scenes work, blood, sweat and tears.

Your brand’s international social media teams are at the forefront of social media success. Consequently, hiring the right people to staff those teams and embrace your engagement strategy will greatly determine your success. Being able to quickly respond and show initiative to create an exceptional customer experience is a top priority. Dedicate some time to highlight this in your global social media engagement strategy.

3. Use Customer Feedback to Fine-Tune Interactions

Don’t miss out on those opportunities to truly let your company shine.

Once you’ve set up your global social media engagement strategy, use valuable customer feedback on social media to help refine your strategy, and learn how people talk about your brand. Proactive outreach is crucial to reach out to your customers before they make complaints and becomes a key differentiating factor in building loyal customers across the world. Deliver personal experiences, be authentic, and earn trust.

When it comes to social customer service, it’s not about being a great company, it’s about being the best company out there. To really have your head in the game, make sure you reach out to your customers first.

If you already know who your customers are, and on which social channels they’re active, why not use this opportunity to make them feel cared for at the right place, at the right time?

Building your global social media engagement strategy almost entirely around social customer service is a very brave, yet wise decision to make. Focus on the challenges that lie ahead, and always keep your customers in mind. Achieving true social media success is only possible if you have a cohesive engagement strategy that maps resources to give you a straightforward framework to start from.

How does your brand manage social media on a global scale?