3 Must-Read Social Media Facts About the Belgium vs. US Soccer Game #BelUSA

By: Sofie De Beule

July 2, 2014

Last night’s World Cup game between Belgium and the US was quite symbolic for us at Engagor. As we have an office both in Belgium as in the US, we had a hard time deciding on which national team we should cheer for. However, Belgian Football – the organization behind Belgium’s national soccer team – is a dear customer of ours. So what are some of the top facts about people mentioning the awesome Belgian Red Devils during the game?

People Talk to Their Favorite Soccer Players Like They Would Talk to Their Friends

First and foremost, people have never felt closer to their favorite players than during the 2014 World Cup. When it comes to social media, the 2010 World Cup in Brazil is nothing like it used to be. World Cup conversations on social media offer everyone an exclusive and priceless front-row experience. People have the feeling they can talk to their favorite soccer team and players on social media like they would talk to their friends. Personalized connections are literally everything.

Whether it’s to post behind the scenes scoops or real-time team updates, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram are any national soccer team’s social media team go-to communication channel. Because of the effort national teams make to connect with their audience, their fan community has never felt closer to their favorite players than during this World Cup. The same way social media has changed today’s world it has shaped the way we experience modern-day soccer. For example, there are no excuses anymore for missing out on a World Cup game as Twitter reminds you in real-time through notifications when your favorite team is playing!

Top Social Media Facts About the Red Devils During US Game

Engagor dived into its Insights section and we have compiled some in-depth analytics and must-read social media facts about yesterday’s game!

1. Men Top the Red Devils’ Social Talk

Apparently, soccer is not only a typical men’s sports, men dominate the Red Devils conversation on social media as well. Although the entire Belgian nation has caught on to the Red Devils buzz, it looks like men are still significantly talking more about soccer on social media than the female population.

In general, a whopping 7 out of 10 people mentioning the Red Devils and their favorite players is male! If we dive a little further into detail, 76% of all tweets yesterday came from men. For Facebook, the gap is a lot smaller with 50.2% male Facebook mentions.

When it comes to age, 25 to 34 year olds take first place with 27.4% of all social mentions. 35 to 44 year olds took second place with 25.5%.

2. Top Post: Vincent Kompany’s Tweet Honours US Goalkeeper Tim Howard

Surprisingly, the Red Devils post that received the most engagement (retweets, favorites, and replies) was the one posted by the Red Devils’ captain Vincent Kompany himself. More importantly, he didn’t talk about the performance of his own team or the Belgian victory, but was in awe about the striking performance of US goal keeper, Tim Howard.

Needless to say his genuine recognition earned the respect of the US team (and the entire US nation). His tweet was spot on, concise, and reflected the overall sentiment at the moment. Vincent was really able to seize the moment and captured the attention from people all over the world with his brutal honesty.

3. Facebook & Twitter Dominate the Red Devils Buzz

In total, there were about 618,000 mentions about the Red Devils. To grasp, for each channel specifically, on which channels the Red Devils buzz was most significant during last night’s game, we dived into the Top Sources section. Facebook and Twitter really ruled them all with 255,000 mentions and 242,200 mentions respectively.

Top 5 sources for Red Devils buzz:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • News
  • Blogs

How has social media changed the way you experience soccer?