3 Reasons ANY Company Can Benefit From Social Customer Service

By: Sofie De Beule

February 6, 2014

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Nowadays customers are completely empowered. They have the power to shape a company’s products, service, etc. completely. Social agents have to be on the frontline ready to connect from any place at any time with a company’s demanding customers.

The importance of providing ready-to-use information has never been bigger. Expectations are extremely high and complaints flood the social channels of companies. The new era of social customer service is upon us, and that means customers don’t just want good customer service, they want excellence!

A recent study, by Simply Measured, unveiled that 99% of brands are on Twitter. Chances are high that your customers, if they haven’t done so in the past, now reach out to your corporate Twitter account. Any industry benefits from establishing an engaging social media presence, and every company can adapt social customer service because it’s the biggest marketing opportunity out there.

Let’s take a closer look at why any company can benefit from social customer service:

1. Instant Feedback

Social customer service is a great means to receive immediate feedback on new product updates, technical requirements, etc. It’s the ideal way for a company to take immediate responsibility and deliver hands-on service. Social customer service allows a company to make a genuine connection by addressing customers personally and reaching out to them on an entirely new level.

Online support teams can also keep better track of customer sentiment. Well-trained support agents are always one step ahead of the game and create loyal brand advocates. CEOs can jump in on conversations too because they need to come down from their ivory tower. They’re now easily capable of engaging on a customer service level. The impact this has on your customers might surprise you!

2. Bigger Brand Affinity

Social media provides companies with the means to truly understand customers and human behavior. It gives you insight into your audience and what they stand for. As any social media marketing strategy should focus on what actually matters to people, appeal to their emotions by providing exceptional social customer service.

Since social customer service includes all social channels, use these platforms to leverage your strengths. If a company makes customer service a high priority, customers will automatically identify the brand with outstanding service and build greater brand affinity.

3. Even Better Customer Relationships

Customer engagement and social customer service really go hand in hand. Social media platforms make it a lot easier to develop and nurture direct relationships with prospects and customers and provide them with an excellent service.

Any company should take the time to engage with their customers by replying to messages or posts and participating in the niche communities on each platform. Engaging with prospects and customers on social media sites develops trust and builds better customer relationships.

When it comes to any social customer service strategy, it’s important to keep Peter Shankman, customer service guru, in mind:

Listen 4 times as much as you talk

A company should never ignore their customers, and make listening to them a first priority. Empowered customers want their voice to be heard. Because companies and brands must strive to maintain relevant, implementing social customer service is the perfect way to achieve that while building genuine conversations and nurturing the affinity with your brand.