3 Steps to Better Social Media Engagement

By: Susan Ganeshan

September 19, 2017

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Six years ago, Bain & Company were already providing data that said customers spend 20-40% more with a brand they’ve interacted with on social media. Wow, that was SIX years ago. Imagine what those numbers are today as more and more consumers realize that it’s not only easy but also convenient to get support via Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Besides financial benefits, there are countless other advantages to social media management including increased website traffic, an engaged community, and most recently, a crisis management system. We saw the latter play out during Hurricane Harvey. So, the logical question is this: between your marketing and service teams, how can you ensure you’re doing the right type of social engagement?

Here are 3 easy steps to for better social engagement:

1. Put On Your Listening Ears

Remember in school when your teacher sternly told you to put on your listening ears? Now it’s time to do that again, but this time you should use your digital listening ears. More than likely, discussions around your brand and products will not be tagged, so you need to be able to find the proverbial needle in the haystack. But fear not, technology can do this for you.

Pro Tip: Ensure the tool you’re using to harvest social media mentions offers a search option for both direct and indirect mentions on social media.

2. Triage with Text Analytics

Once you’ve collected these mentions, you need to be able to sift through the noise and get to the insights that matter. With a Natural Language Processing (NLP)  engine (sometimes referred to as Text Analytics), you streamline any effort necessary to filter out the noise. With this information, you’ll be able to route mention traffic to the appropriate teams to mitigate redundancy and confusion. For instance, if your brand is mentioned in a post that says “ I absolutely #love my new phone” – that can be routed to the Marketing team so that they can engage with that user. On the other hand, if your brand was mentioned in a post that stated “I #hate this new phone. I can’t get it to work!”- then you would route those messages to your Support team for follow-up.

Pro Tip: Use a tool that offers robust NLP and Text Analytics engines that are tunable to your industry and products.

3. Empower Effective Engagement

Finally, you have to ensure the team following up on the social media has the tools and information they need to follow up sufficiently. This means integrating your CRM data to social media feeds so that you can instantly understand enough detail about your customer to handle the situation at hand. From your CRM data, you would be able to better understand the products and services most often purchased by the customer and other historical information you’d need to react appropriately. Other sources of data that would help empower engagement are loyalty information, previous service requests and even the user’s digital history with your brand.

Pro Tip: Find a solution that has open API’s and out of the box adapters that your team can use to connect a variety of information sources together.

Whether you’re manually reading through every social post, or realizing that you have a need to automate engagement and support requests, remember there is no better time to start than the present. Once you get some wins under your belt, you’ll find that the momentum carries you forward and the 3 steps to social engagement are easy to implement.

If you want to see how you stack up in your current social media engagement efforts, check out our Social Media Engagement Grader tool.


Susan Ganeshan is Clarabridge’s Chief Marketing Officer. Under Susan’s leadership, Clarabridge Marketing produces insightful, educational content that enables business leaders to deliver on the promise of best-in-class customer experience. Follow Susan on Twitter @sganeshan.