3 Top Challenges for “Boring” Industries on Social Media

By: Sofie De Beule

March 19, 2014

all state

If you still think your industry isn’t fit for social media because you aren’t “cool” enough, think again. Even “boring” industries like finance, construction, or insurance can easily harness the power of social media to leverage any business strategy. Since these rather unconventional verticals make up a great deal of our daily lives, any engaging conversation on the topics that are important for that particular industry is equally as important as cosmetics brands, retailers, or airline companies.

While the social landscape is a really competitive space to gain attention, not every industry has the potential to generate BuzzFeed or Upworthy-like social buzz. While their social presence may not be as “fun” as a sports brand like Nike’s, that doesn’t mean their conversations don’t deserve the same amount of much-wanted “eyeballs”.

What are the top common challenges “boring” industries have to deal with?

1. Their First Impressions Are More Important Than Ever

Unlike any other industry, “boring” industries will have to put an enormous amount of effort into making that all-important ‘first impression’. Whether it’s through your website, social channels, or landing pages, make sure every single element of your online presence counts. See to it you don’t take yourself too seriously, because after all, there are real people behind every company.

For example, insurance company All State launched the #Debunkinator, a mascot-like campaign, that talks about insurance misconceptions in a very family-friendly way. Whether it’s on their Facebook page, website, or Twitter account, All State makes their first impression count in a very straightforward and accessible way.

2. They Only Turn to “Obvious” Social Platforms Like LinkedIn Or Twitter

In the social media landscape, there’s more than just Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter to fit a “boring” business’ needs and acquire a “social business” status. Many companies only make use of these straightforward social channels and avoid charting unexplored territory. To truly pick up on what’s being said about your brand, you need to deep dive into the web and detect which places customers hang out and talk about your company.

For example, in the case of plumbing companies, many customers turn to review sites like Yelp for extremely valuable peer-reviewed references. Use your website, social media platforms, and email signatures proactively to promote that positive review.

3. Sharing & Writing Great Content is More Time-Consuming

There’s no such thing as a boring industry that doesn’t have any content worth sharing. It’s undoubtedly true it will take some more creative blood, sweat, and tears, however, don’t solely write or share things that have great potential to go viral. You should also write content, and adapt your social strategy to help your ideal customer.

Create quality, problem-solving content for your blog, Twitter account, Facebook page, etc. that shows you have a good view of what kind of problems your customers are dealing with. For example, if you’re a construction company, you can write and share content on how people can reduce their electricity bill.

What are your ideas for leveraging a social media presence for “boring” industries?