4 Examples of Exemplary Global Social Customer Service

By: Sofie De Beule

April 20, 2016

Nowadays, fighting for customer loyalty is a tough stride. Customers all over the world are expecting businesses to offer tailored products, a personalized service, and innovative loyalty programs. They want to reach out to companies however and whenever they want, and get an instant resolution. Research by Bain & Company has proven that while 90% of customers demand this kind of service, in reality only 14% of businesses are able to meet those expectations.

As a response to growing demands, more and more businesses are offering 24/7, follow-the-sun-type customer service on social for their customers across the globe. By making strategic, customer-driven decisions, and using intuitive technology to help support their efforts, some of the largest businesses in the world can easily scale their efforts to deliver excellent response times on a global level.


Many travellers rant to and about airlines companies directly on very time-sensitive information like flight delays as well as complaints about unfriendly flight attendants, a poor website experience, retrieving lost luggage, etc. There’s a realm of things customers can complain about; however, if you want to keep customers happy, poor communication can’t be one of them. As a result, there’s a lot of pressure on companies in the transport and travel industry to resolve issues fast.

Because of this wide range traveller needs, United Airlines clearly understands it’s all about getting the basics right: delivering a consistent product and service and keeping strong balance. Their customer experience strategy focusses on their employees first and takes the human aspect to the next level in their CX program. While delivering on a speedy response time, United also closely focusses on providing a quick and precise resolution for the customer within the channel of choice.


Dyson sells electronic products in around 65 countries and has a presence in most parts of the world –from Chicago to Singapore. With that comes a lot of organizational processes (and complexity) to handle the volume of social media messages. However, Dyson manages to handle this social volume in an efficient manner and still continues to deliver superior customer service by scaling their efforts. Dyson makes it easy for their customers “to do business with” their social media teams in the US, Europe, Asia, etc. that can cover all timezones. Their agents in every region have all the necessary product knowledge in place to provide an accurate response.


Many words of praise (and criticism) have been written about Starbucks; however, large, global companies aren’t automatically leading the way forward in the social customer service field. Fortunately, Starbucks has grown from America’s favorite coffee giant into an international icon that is getting well-earned, global recognition. Their extremely successful business concept also translates well on social media. The “love brand” knows how to use a distinct tone of voice that resonates with their customers across the globe when responding to customers on their social channels. Keeping loyal customers means reaching out proactively, and instead of just focussing on responding to @-mentions, they’re monitoring the entire social web for opportunities to turn an unhappy customer in a happy one. With millions of customers across the globe, they still manage to engage on a one-on-one level and invest in implementing feedback and sharing it with their entire business, to keep customers coming back.


Airbnb is the embodiment of modern-day convenience in the travel industry. Their social customer service strategy clearly reflects that same convenience-ethos. With unique listings in 190 countries, social customer service agents provide support in multiple languages and have knowledge about each country’s specific regulations. That’s why their number one priority is to help everyone who reaches out–no matter which channel they’re using–to get a quick and efficient response.

Airbnb’s inspiring company culture also translates in the way they communicate with customers, by using the same, friendly tone of voice as their customers. The company also prides itself on surprising and delighting their host or guests, even before they become one through proactive outreach. Their personalized service makes their community feel special by using a quirky sense of humor that truly resonates.

Any company that’s looking into providing global social customer service needs to adopt a “customer first” philosophy–responding to customer needs and requirements. This is the only way brands can continue to create long-term value. If your business operates worldwide, establishing a multilingual, global social customer service strategy is a primary business requirement as part of your social customer care program.