4 Key Benefits of One Unified Social Media Inbox for Brands

By: Sofie De Beule

February 25, 2015

Too many brands are using multiple, often low-end social media management tools at once to establish their social media presence. In order to maximize all of their social media efforts, deliver on your customers’ expectations, and create a superior customer experience, brands needs to invest in a tool that can help them to achieve long-term social media success. A key aspect in enabling this is by having just one, unified social media inbox at their disposal.

Discover the list we’ve compiled of 4 key benefits for brands of just one, unified social media inbox:

1. Centralize All of Your Social Media Efforts

Keep track of your brand across all channels in a unified, simplified way from just one place to easily meet the needs of your social media team. Companies often have multiple people responsible for social media management. With separate mailboxes organized in just one place, every team member is easily up to date on what’s being sent from all of your accounts.

Invest in just one social media tool to pull ALL of the conversations on the entire social web and organize every social media channel into just place to centralize all of your social media efforts.

2. Make Every Customer Happy

If you’re using several tools and managing multiple social media channels at once, messages often slip through the cracks. But do you know how it makes your customers really feel when you neglect their complaints or questions? To make real-time social media engagement less of a daunting chore and make sure you’re on top of everything, messages need to be pulled into just one place, with only one tool fueled by a centralized inbox to leave NO customer unattended or uncared for.

Start monitoring your social media presence, and create separate mailboxes for the international divisions to make sure every departement replies to the right messages, and ultimately, cut down on all inefficiencies.

3. Instantly Add Context To a Conversation

Customers are often unaware of the organizational structure behind the companies they engage with. The key thing customers crave for is a frictionless, smooth experience. The only way to live up to that picture is by, instead of using multiple tools at once, integrating software into just one social media tool. As brands need to work towards a unified, superior customer experience, integrating with other, valuable software adds context to real-time conversations and enables quicker and better solutions.

4. Deliver A Better, Unified Customer Experience!

Customer experience is all about how well you actually know your customers. By bundling all of the information you have gathered about your customers in previous conversations (through mobile, web, phone, in-store contact, etc.), you can truly get to know your customers and leverage your customers’ well-rounded profile to fully complete the customer experience. Collecting that contextual information about your cross-channel customers is only possible if you log all of the information in just one place.

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This article was originally published on Social Media Today.