4 Key Digital Trends to Affect the Social Media Landscape in 2015

By: Sofie De Beule

February 4, 2015

With January already over, many companies are still taking their time to prepare for the months ahead. What are the most exciting, noteworthy trends for marketers and social media experts in 2015? We understand it’s often overwhelming to keep track of the pace in which digital and social media trends are evolving. Change is constant, but it’s the way brands are coping with that change that is most important.

We personally believe these 4 digital trends will play a crucial role in the social media landscape in 2015. Let them help you to stay ahead of the curve:

1. Social Intelligence Top Priority

Who is talking about my brand? Do I really know my customer?

Brands often use social media to simply broadcast marketing messages, and therefore, leave crucial customer concerns unattended. However, social media is an important sounding board for valuable customer feedback. Although brands have access to the large pool of information about their customers through advanced monitoring capabilities, they fail to make sense of the data. That’s exactly why:

2015 will be less about big data and more about big insights.

In 2015, to maximize the full impact on social media, there will be more focus on how brands leverage data and insights to help grow their business. In the coming months, many companies will take social data to the next level collecting actionable insights. So, how exactly can brands benefit from this? Companies will be able to make more balanced decisions about their social media engagement strategy, the service they deliver, and ultimately, how they should optimize their product.

2. Chief Experience Officer Joins the Company

Customer experience has been all the rage for quite a while now, but optimizing the customer experience will be one of the top priorities in the digital landscape in the coming months. Companies know and understand customer service, and customer experience is one of the most key differentiating points, especially on social media, since mobile customers find it a lot easier to connect with brands on the go. The Chief Experience Officer (CXO) will be the perfect addition to the team.

According to research from Adobe:

For 44% of organizations, over the next 5 years, customer service and customer experience will be the primary way to differentiate themselves from competition.

The most challenging step will be to pull together data through social media, mobile, content, etc. to provide real value and context to any customer interaction and bring harmony to the customer journey. The Chief Experience Officer will be the one in charge of creating a long-term vision to delight the customer every step along the way.

In order to provide the perfect experience, start with these two essential steps:

  • Hire the right people. If your employees aren’t customer-centric, there’s no point at all in creating relevant customer experiences. Every employee should be on the same page, and introducing the right culture is essential to be genuine.
  • Invest in the right tools and IT infrastructure because creating the perfect customer experience is complex enough as it is.

3. Brands Will Loosen Up, Be More SOCIAL

In 2015, organizations will take more bold risks to be able to connect on a one-on-one level with their customers. Brands will loosen up and become less afraid to be social with their customers. Even the most unusual industries, like the pharmaceutical industry, won’t be afraid to step up their game and show off their true (human) side.

Authenticity is, as always, the key to engage in genuine conversations. To help brands be more at ease, more and more companies will invest valuable time and money in transforming their organizational structure. So, what held organizations back in the past from being more social? Enterprise brands will start breaking down the internal silos they created and embed social media in the entire company to deliver a more customer-centric user experience.

4. Social eCommerce Dominates Social Networks

It doesn’t matter if it’s on Instagram, Facebook, or Pinterest, each day, millions of people are scanning through their social feed and discovering a range of products tailored to their wants and needs. This obviously opens doors for brands that want their product to be at the center of attention. Blogger incentives, influencer marketing, social video, user-generated content, etc. You name it, brands have gladly worked out a way to connect and engage with their target audience through social media.

2015 is the year to take this to the next level! While there has been some form of social eCommerce in the past, customers simply want it the fast and easy way (i.e. instant-ification) making one-click ordering from Instagram a thing of the present. If consumers see something they want, they desire the instant gratification of being able to immediately buy it or order it on demand.

What other digital and social media trends do you expect to see in the upcoming months?