4 Major Benefits of Social Media Tools for Telecom Brands

By: Sofie De Beule

January 29, 2015

Social media has become the ultimate go-to source for customers to connect with brands, discover new product offers, and find a solution to their issues. Telecom brands have their work cut out to find ways to connect with customers on social and create positive customer experiences. They are very much aware customers will easily flock to competitors if customer service isn’t up to standards or if a brand fails to provide them with a relevant product offering.

Why exactly is social customer service so important for telecom companies? How can telecom brands benefit from social media tools? Take a look at the list we have compiled with these 4 benefits:

1. Cost-Effectiveness

Finding ways to simplify your social media efforts and cutting down on inefficiencies is no longer a stumbling block: the days of manually managing your social media presence are over. It doesn’t take a huge investment in a new IT infrastructure to manage social media. Finding a tool that meets your brand’s requirement is easy if you understand what your customers expect from the service you deliver.

Many brands often seem to neglect the biggest and most challenging ‘investment’: hiring the right people to work with a tool and follow up on your engagement strategy. Fortunately, nowadays, the use of social media tools has become so straightforward and easy to manage that it takes little time to coach new team members.

2. Smoothly Manage High Volumes of Social Media Messages

Telecom brands deal with a lot of complaints (like, a lot), and customer queries line up every second of every hour of every day. Fortunately, there’s no reason to stress!

First things first! How are you going to pull in every complaint or question and make sure every customer is being heard?

Monitoring your social media presence is crucial to know what’s being said about your product or service. After you identified the right keywords to track mentions and started pulling in the data, that’s where the fun begins!

With the rise of social media tools that offer smooth customer service workflows, talking to your customers and replying in a timely manner is effortless. Direct your customers to your online support center where you address some of the most common questions. Both simple and complex issues can easily be managed by forwarding messages to anyone in your team. With adding tags to messages, you can add labels (such as ‘complaint’ or ‘question’ to a conversation) and easily provide context to a certain conversation. This opens doors to opportunities!

3. Involve Everyone in the Organization

In most companies, employees at any level in the organization often get the feeling they’re working in silos and feel out of touch with the objectives and issues of other departments. Nowadays, social media isn’t just a responsibility owned by the communication or marketing department; it’s embedded in the entire company. By forwarding specific social media mentions to anyone in the company, employees are easily included in the conversation and are able to share their expertise on particular subjects.

4. Improve Customer Loyalty

Did you know it costs 5 times the amount of money to acquire a new customer than to keep a current one?

Needless to say customer loyalty is one of the telecom industry’s top priorities. Unfortunately, there’s another game changer that presents quite the challenge: unlike any other business, telecom brands deals with fierce competition. To help grow their business, telecom brands find themselves in a bidding war over the most competitive price. Customers are merciless and easily make the switch for a more attractive offer.

Fortunately, by taking on customer support through social media, telecom companies are able to forge closer, one-on-one customer relationships. They can easily identify customer issues and concerns and take matters into their own hands. Beyond actively engaging with customers to optimize customer loyalty and customer satisfaction, telecom companies can also proactively manage their customers’ satisfaction. By actively and proactively monitoring customer concerns, companies are able to gain innovative insights which help them improve their product and service.

Need some more guidance on which tool to invest in? Take a look at our Social Tool Checklist to compare up to 4 options and make sure every requirement is met.