4 Reasons Why Brands Are Doing Social Media the Wrong Way

By: Sofie De Beule

March 5, 2015

Photo by colink. on Flickr

Brands often fail to take advantage of the opportunities and struggle to make sense of social media. Far too many brands go into social media without doing thorough homework.

How exactly are brands doing social media the wrong way? Here’s a list of 4 reasons we’ve compiled to illustrate how brands are getting off track:

1.They’re Not Being True to Themselves

Brands often kick off their social media efforts without a firm, straightforward plan to empower the entire company. Moreover, they fail to establish the right kind of social media guidelines to consistently be true to their brand. An important question that pops up is, “What tone of voice will your brand use?” This is, of course, important to determine which direction your brand will be heading on social media. The more you can empower your team with straightforward social media guidelines, the more your efforts will pay off.

2. They’re Not Engaging in Real-Time

One of the most important characteristics of social media is its real-time nature. Most of your customers will expect you to reply within 30 minutes. Canned responses and automations will only get you so far. You’ll have far bigger influence on social media if you’re consistent with delivering a fast response with the help of the right software to manage large volumes, delegate clear responsibilities, and operate with a large team.

It’s often good to be in more than one place on social media, but don’t get too carried away and bite off more than you can chew. It’s far more effective to be active on one or two channels (e.g. Twitter and Facebook) instead of doing a poor job on all social networks. It’s simply a matter of determining the right balance and setting the right priorities.

What’s the bottom line here? Be quick, be agile, and set the right priorities.

3. They Broadcast and Don’t Engage

Many brands turn to social media to broadcast messages and speak to the crowd, and unfortunately, see it as a separate activity. As a result, customers often feel uncared for and are left with a meaningless customer experience. Instead of using social media as a standalone act, first consider how you can leverage social media to boost existing marketing initiatives.

This is something we’ve been emphasizing and is definitely worth repeating once more:

Customers don’t want to be subjected to your brand’s online sales pitch.

Instead of carelessly posting irrelevant marketing messages, benefit from all the powers of being a true social media engagement leader to build happy customers. Exclude social media from your sales territory. It sounds cliché, but social media is all about conversations.

4. They Delete Negative Mentions

The message is clear: never ever delete negative mentions.

Bad reviews or mentions can end up helping you rather than hurting your brand. Company’s need to change their mindset: even negative reviews can serve a positive purpose. They’re the perfect outlet to show your excellent customer service skills. For bad reviews to have a happy ending, you’ll first need to respond the right way. Check out this blog post, and you’ll find some very useful tips that will do the trick.