4 Tactics to Include Your Entire Company In Your Social Customer Service Efforts

By: Sofie De Beule

August 26, 2015

Many companies are worried employees feel left out when it comes to social media. That’s why they often encourage their employees to share content about the company from their own social media profiles. Beyond leveraging your employees’ network to build brand awareness, how can you include your entire company in other social media efforts like providing customer service?

In this blog post, we’ll answer questions like:

  • How can you actively involve and pass on information to all employees, and ultimately, embed social media into the entire company?
  • How do you report about your social media efforts to your management, or any other department that doesn’t have access to your tool?
  • How do you present information meaningfully and make it easy-to-consume for anyone in the company?

Actively involving your employees in social media includes regularly updating them about your social customer service efforts and smoothly passing on information (statistics, analytics, success stories, etc.) to your superiors, management, or any other employee in the company. Ultimately, the information they gather allows them to better understand the value of social customer service and customer experience and keeps them in touch with your brand and your business’ growth.

When employees are included in your social media efforts, they become important brand advocates and are actively involved in taking your social media presence to the next level. Below are 4 great tactics to help you with that, using some more advanced features of Engagor.

1. Email Mentions

Do you need to quickly pass on a message internally to someone who doesn’t have access to your tool? Emailing mentions is your way to go!

Sometimes, sending just one social media message does the trick. This can be useful if you, for example, want to give a person a heads up, or you want someone’s feedback on a single mention. To email a mention to someone who doesn’t have access to your tool, simply click on the drop-down menu of each mention, and email it to anyone in your team.

2. Create (Custom) Dashboard Reports

Custom dashboards contain the information that are only relevant to your brand. You can create dashboards for two specific reasons or goals. First, create dashboards with analytics you want to regularly check throughout the day. Moreover, create dashboards you want to export on a regular basis by creating custom reports.

Creating reports doesn’t have to be a time-consuming or daunting chore. Receiving reports about your social media efforts and sharing them with your team is straightforward. All you have to do is select the analytics you need and put them in a custom dashboard. Afterwards, you will be able to receive automatic reports in your email inbox with exactly the information you want, and as often as you want – daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly – depending on how your business’ reporting is organized. In Engagor, we have the functionality available to send dashboard reports to people that don’t have an Engagor account.

3. Set Up A Command Center

The Command Center is a feature in Engagor which allows you to display your dashboards in a very handy presentation mode which can be shown, for example, in the lunch room, in the call center, at the reception desk, next to the coffee machine, etc. at your company. It displays relevant pages and statistics from within Engagor, tailored to your brand’s needs.

With the Command Center, you’re able to create a fullscreen rotation between the pages and results that you want to show. If people pass by the Command Center displayed on a TV screen, they’re able to capture relevant data right away and stay in touch with what’s happening on social. Moreover, the Command Center also comes in handy when you want to present information during an event or while giving a presentation.

4. Create ‘Tasks’ in Your CRM System

A lot of companies use other tools in addition to a social media management tool. Integrations like Salesforce, Desk, and Zendesk (or even custom integrations) are very common, especially if you’re working in the social customer care space. They allow you to enhance your customer care workflow and quickly pass on support cases, leads, to any relevant department in your company.

By integrating these software applications, you’re able to create ‘Tasks’ (e.g. a Support ‘Ticket’). They allow you to pass on and direct any relevant information you gather through social media, and make sure your Sales, HR, Customer Service, etc. departments can be on top of it right away.


Make sure you’re not working in silos — involve each department within your company in social media. Social media isn’t the responsibility of a single social media team. PR, HR, R&D, Security, are commonly ignored departments. If you want to actively involve. In order for everyone in your company to quickly grasp the information you’re sharing, make sure you present the information in a meaningful, relevant way.

Not an Engagor customer yet and looking to apply the above tactics in your organisation? Feel free to request a free personal demo and we will gladly help you out.