4 Tips for Integrating Social Media Into Your Marketing Strategy

By: Sofie De Beule

February 19, 2015

Social media has completely transformed the way brands do business and engage in conversations with their customers. The fundamental nature of the brand/customer relationship is now completely different. Marketers are clueless when it comes to shaping the relationship with their customers.

Which tactics or tips can brands benefit from to integrate social media into their marketing strategy?

Many brands turn to social media to broadcast messages and speak to the crowd, and unfortunately, see it as a separate activity. As a result, customers often feel uncared for and are left with a meaningless customer experience. Instead of using social media as a stand-alone act, first consider how you can leverage social media to boost existing marketing initiatives. Social media always works better when it’s part of something bigger, especially when it’s embedded in the entire company, across several departments.

The time of using social completely disconnected from marketing is long gone. Take a look at these 5 ways to integrate social media with the rest of your marketing efforts.

1. Create a (Separate) Customer Service Twitter Handle

A brand’s Twitter account can serve many purposes. Although many brands already use Twitter to broadcast messages, promote their products, and use it to boost their content marketing efforts, consider creating a separate customer service Twitter handle for the sole purpose of responding to customer concerns and feedback. Any type of business can easily benefit from this, so it’s simply just a matter of evaluating whether a separate Twitter handle does the trick for your brand. So, why not create one, and try it out for a while?

2. Experiment and Dare to Say ‘No’

No marketer can be the best at everything. Step up your game and decide which social media activities (and social networks) best fit your brand. You don’t need to do everything to be a successful brand on social media. Pick your battles and always keep your customer in mind. What can we do to be of service to our customers and provide the most value? Where do my customers talk about my brand?

Important Note: Don’t be afraid to experiment a little. After all, social media is a lot of trial and error. It’s much easier to experiment with social media than any other, traditional marketing channels. Companies can easily pick up on what works and what doesn’t to determine which social media efforts have the most impact on their overall marketing strategy.

3. Share Positive Reviews on Your Website

Social media, review sites, user forums, etc. are the ultimate place for customers to express their opinion about products and services. Why not show off all the positive feedback, and use it on your own website? Don’t be afraid to be proud of your business, and share positive reviews on your site! Usually, a brand’s website is merely a collection of static website pages. Use the dynamics of social media to give your website a little boost.

4. Really, Really Study Your Brand’s Analytics

Marketers, and especially CMOs, are really big on numbers. Leverage analytics (e.g. Google Analytics) in conjunction with social media to visualize changes in web traffic and sales as you start implementing your campaigns.

Engagor Tip: In Engagor, you can add source tracking to the links you post to determine whether there are any changes in web traffic.

If a company manages to successfully integrate social media with their marketing strategy, they develop a greater understanding of what is valuable to both the company as well as the customer. This will massively affect a company’s growth and make all marketing aspects in the future more seamless, efficient, and effective.