4 Ways to Succeed as a Social Media Manager Every Day

By: Sofie De Beule

October 5, 2015

This post originally appeared on the Engagor blog and can be read in full here.

Successful social media team managers are a huge asset for any company, especially when managing a large social media team for an international brand. They are focused on the right priorities, know how to motivate a team, and have adopted an essential morning ritual to help them achieve success throughout the day.

Now first, let’s define a social media team manager. What does their role really look like? What are their responsibilities? A social media team manager (or leader) is someone who:

  • leads a team of social media operators (who handle all incoming social media mentions and reply in the inbox)
  • makes sure the social media operators are successful at their job (i.e. continuous assessment)
  • reports directly to either the Head of Customer Service and Customer Experience – depending on how the business is organized

Important note: we often get the feedback from talking to our customers that the role of a social media team manager varies from company to company. This is indeed often the case. Moreover, the work structure of a social media team manager is usually ‘sort things out as they come along’. The role just doesn’t neatly fall into a job description.

Let’s take a look at the daily habits of social media team managers. What does it take for a social media team manager leading a large team to be successful?

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