4 Ways to Succeed at Social Customer Care

By: Kate Zimmerman

January 7, 2016

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According to a new report by Aberdeen Group, companies that excel at social customer care simply perform better than their counterparts. They have:

  • 53% higher customer retention rate
  • 16% more positive mentions on social media
  • 17% higher customer satisfaction ratings
  • 8% higher average profit margin per customer.

But, what does being good at social customer care even mean? And how can you use your social customer care program to pull ahead of your competitors.

1. Monitor and measure your social media conversations

Monitoring social media goes beyond at-mentions and hashtags. You need to be able to to tailor what information you want to see, pull it from many different sources, and then have the ability to assign it for a quick resolution. Using a dashboard such as Engagor allows you to keep all your data in one place.

2. Plan for resolution

If a customer is complaining about a long line, make sure that your CX team has the ability to alert a store of the problem so that they can respond to the customer that they have been heard and help is on the way! If another customer is raving about her new sweater, compliment her on it.

Best-in-class social customer organizations are able to accurately route a customer to the right agent 100% of the time. And, those agents are able to re-engage with unsatisfied customers twice as often. Some tips for good resolution that have proven successful for best-in-class social customer care organizations include:

  • Contextual routing
  • Monitor social channels for customer activities on a regular basis
  • Align your social media use with customer contact functions
  • Immediately alert agents to engage with unsatisfied customers once feedback is received

3. Follow-up

Companies that successfully used social customer care are not only able to make their customers happier and improve the efficiency of their customer care agents. They are also able expand their services with that customer 11% more than those who aren’t strong social customer care providers. Social customer care allows your company to move beyond issue-resolution and create a relationship where your customer knows they can trust your brand.

Make it easy for your employees to follow-up effectively with your customers. Social customer care leaders have proven that these tips improve customer experiences:

  • Provide agents with detailed data about past transactions
  • Allow agents to access all customer data on a single screen
  • Use contact information to direct customers to the right channels

4. Take proactive action

Finally, take all the insights from your social customer care interactions and use them to your advantage. If you notice that a particular customer or set of customers are frequently complaining, take action. Your social customer care should help you identify patterns among your customers so that you can take action. Earning a new customer is 6-7 times more expensive than keeping a current one.

Want to learn more about the benefits of a social customer care program? Check out this Aberdeen Research report, Social Customer Care: The Path to Success.


Kate Zimmerman is a Content Marketing Specialist at Clarabridge. Kate focuses on building content that supports CX efforts, product marketing, analyst relations, and has become an industry expert in Customer Experience Management. Kate holds a B.A in Politics from the University of Virginia and can be found on Twitter at @kmzimm.