5 Advanced Features in Social Media Engagement Tools

By: Lien Brusselmans

August 5, 2013

Social media management tools often have a lot more features than the ones you’re using. I bet you often think ‘I wish I could do this’ or ‘it would be cool to do that’. What if I tell you there is a good chance the tool you are using for social media management actually allows you to do these actions? Here’s five wishes you might already have uttered in the past, and how you can actually make these dreams come true.

  1. Wish I didn’t see all these French messages, I don’t even speak any French!
    Solution: automatic routing.
    Set up an automation recipe to make sure all messages in French are automatically assigned to your colleague who speaks French. In the same way you can route all messages by certain authors, on certain topics, with a certain sentiment, etc.
  2. It would be great to know when I should publish our latest blog post.
    Solution: best time to post
    If you use the right filter you can easily find out when your content generated most buzz. When are people retweeting most actively? When do they like your Facebook posts most often? If you are only just starting with social media content, you can also analyze this for your competitors. In one and the same industry the audience of different brands often behaves very similarly.
  3. Didn’t this person ask us exactly the same question last month?
    Solution: history of conversations between your brand and a customer
    If you want to offer efficient customer service you need context. As a customer you also expect brands to know some things about you: which products/service have you bought, what questions have you already asked in the past, etc. If a customer has asked exactly the same question only one month ago, it’s worth the effort to find out why it wasn’t answered properly back then. Maybe the person who answered this customer added a note with some more information to his contact information sheet. Context is essential! Tools offer this, so make use of it.
  4. What if an influencer says something about us and we only reply after 5 hours?
    Solution: email notification whenever an influencer mentions your brand
    If online influencers talk about your brand, it’s always a good thing to respond fast. If it’s a negative remark you should apologize, explain, show that you care and want to help or solve the problem. If it’s positive you can share the post with all your followers or fans, reach out to the influencer to thank them, etc. Waiting several hours to do is, doesn’t work on social media. The effect will be much less powerful. Make sure you receive an automatic email notification whenever an influencer mentions your brand to avoid a crisis or fully benefit from a positive post.
  5. Wish I didn’t lose that much time looking up the information customers need
    Solution: use canned responses to quickly introduce links to information in your replies
    Canned responses (or templates, scripts, whatever you call them) often have a negative connotation. Indeed, you shouldn’t send out standard replies to every question people ask on social media. How would you feel about it yourself? However, you can very well use canned responses for bits of information you have to share over and over again. If there are some FAQs that always come back, you can make the link to the FAQ a canned response so you can easily introduce it in your reply to a customer. Add some words of your own, and you’re done. This will save you loads of valuable time!