5 CX Resolutions for 2017

By: Lisa Sigler

December 28, 2016

customer experience
customer experience management

It’s time to make your resolutions for 2017. We’ve come up with 5 CX Resolutions that will help customer experience pros get the new year off to a good start.



1. Shed the extra weight.
Get rid of practices that don’t provide efficient customer experience management, like long surveys, slow social engagement, or keeping your data in silos.

2-money2. Be better with your money.
Stay up to date on the technology and best practices that impact your bottom line. Remember, improving your customer experience can have an impact of tens of millions of dollars.

3-sleep3. Quit a bad habit.
Do you engage every customer that asks for support?  Forget to close-the-loop? Shy away from sharing customer insights across the business?  Go cold turkey on inefficient workflows and outdated processes.

4-learn4. Learn something new.
Add a data source. Try a new kind of analysis. Put your customer feedback to work revealing insights that you would never have had before.

4-listen5. Be a Better Listener.
Your customers and your employees have priceless information that will benefit your organization. Commit to listening to their feedback. It will make them feel valued and help your business.






Happy New Year from Clarabridge!

Clarabridge is standing by to help you keep these resolutions. Request a demo to see how we can get your 2017 off to a great start!