5 Indisputable Businesses Cases for Customer Experience

By: Elizabeth Clor

April 20, 2015

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As a customer experience management pro, you work tirelessly and across many different business functions to make sure that your business is delivering an excellent customer experience. Unfortunately, not everyone in your company shares your passion or even understands why you’re doing what you do.

You may be struggling to get your program off the ground, gain executive buy-in, prove the value of your efforts, and/or secure the necessary budget.

The answer? Show, not tell.

Clarabridge recently published 5 Indisputable Businesses Cases for CX, which showcase real-life examples of CX success. Share them with your colleagues and management team so they can see first-hand how what you’re doing drives customer loyalty, grows market share, and increases revenue for Fortune 500 brands.

These real-life examples show how an effective customer experience management program (CEM) can drive customer loyalty, identify product issues, grow market share, and increase revenue across all industries.

Case 1: Fix Product Issues

Industry: Media Services

Company Profile: One of the world’s leading providers of digital television entertainment services

This multi-Billion dollar media services company started a CEM program to identify product issues as well as areas for product improvement. They also sought to increase customer satisfaction scores, decrease customer churn rates, and conduct social analysis for competitive intelligence. That’s a tall order for one business initiative. How did they do it?

By combining all sources of customer feedback data, including email, chat, online feedback, social media, contact center notes, and survey data, the customer experience team created a single-view customer hub. With this hub, they are now able to automatically send analysis to key stakeholders in the relevant format, such as reports, dashboards, and scorecards. As part of this analysis, the team identified customer service agent traits that resonated well with customer sentiment, which helped inform performance management and employee training opportunities.


  • Improved or maintained customer satisfaction scores across all contact center calls compared to the previous financial quarter.
  • Improved website navigation based on customer feedback insights
  • Identified an emerging trend around compatibility issues with a specific version of an Internet browser
  • Identified key drivers for customer churn

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