5 Tips for Better Social Media Conversations

By: Lisa Sigler

January 19, 2015

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When dealing with customers via social media, how you say things is as important as what you say. 

Think about the last speech you heard. Remember how the speaker delivered the message—the pace, the specific grammar,the choice of words, the careful phrasing. Now think about the last chat you had with your best friend. Did your conversation sound anything like that speech? Chances are you spoke quickly and used slang, “improper” grammar, shorter phrases and verbal cues like,“right?” or “you know?” to keep things flowing. Business communication—in speech or writing—normally sits somewhere between the formal, one-sided communication of a speech or an essay, and the casual, two-sided communication of a conversation among friends. However, the rise of social media as a business channel may be changing all that. Digital channels, with specific slang and abbreviations, are forcing language to evolve. So how should your customer care agents communicate with customers in the age of social media?

The rest of this post, including the 5 best practices for social media, can be found on SOCAP.org.

Lisa Sigler is Sr. Manager of Content Marketing at Clarabridge. For over 16 years, Lisa has used her writing and editorial skills to bring the value and benefits of technology to life. In her current role, she works to demonstrate Clarabridge’s position as thought leader and trailblazer in the Customer Experience Management market. Lisa holds a B.A. of English from Kent State University. Read more from Lisa on Twitter @siglerLis.