5 Ways to Cut Costs in the Contact Center

By: Clarabridge Team

August 15, 2017

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Contact center efficiencies are intrinsically linked to the customer experience your company delivers as a whole. Once you improve the customer experience, you’ll find that your contact center metrics improve too. But the key here is to consolidate customer interaction data in your contact center and use technology to efficiently mine it for insights.

Advanced technology, such as Clarabridge, can help you transcribe 100% of your call recordings, along with integrating voice data with chat logs, agent notes, emails, social interactions, CRM data and more for multi-channel visibility. This is important, as it means all your customer interaction data is in one place, ready for analysis across the business as a whole.

What does technology allow you to achieve?

1. Minimize or eliminate manual call disposition and avoid the expensive post-call work. Call center agents are often forced to choose a single disposition code, even if customers have several questions. Use customer data to uncover all topics, so you have more insights to make changes. Using Clarabridge, Acer now analyzes contact center notes with over 90% accuracy when it comes to identifying topics.

2. Identify the root cause of issues and help your company actually fix problems, not just figure out work-around issues. This means customer effort improves in the long terms, reducing contact and improving self-service to deflect calls.

3. Identify and get ahead of emerging issues and trends before a spike hits your team. If you are caught unaware by an emerging issue, it impacts both hold times and call durations. One bank that uses the Clarabridge solution found their customer data showed that call volume was highest during tax season. They retrained agents on tax issues to increase first call resolution and shorten call duration.

4. Know your customers better, so you can improve service delivery across all channels, improve first contact resolution (FCR), minimize contact duration (AHT), and deliver a more customer-centric personalized experience (CSAT/NPS)).

5. Increase agent efficiency: Use social media to provide customer care. A social transaction costs $1 on average vs. $6 when a customer calls you—and increases agent efficiency. T-Mobile Netherlands saved approximately $15,000 on calls into the call center after a single promotion announcing their social customer care program. They also improved response times.


To learn more about how to realize contact center cost savings, along with more examples of large organizations who have paved the way, check out our infographic by clicking the image below.