5 Ways to Enhance Your Job Search with Social Media

By: Cameron Joye

December 12, 2013

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The job market is a fiercely competitive place these days. It can be hard to get ahead especially if you’re not using all the tools at your disposal to their full potential. The way that employers evaluate potential candidates is rapidly evolving, and social recruiting is swiftly becoming an essential part of the hiring process. If executed properly, you can harness the power of social media to help you land that dream job you’ve been coveting.

  1. Define your social brand. No one is a better advocate for your talents and potential than you yourself! Develop a clear message that reflects your interests and ambition for the next step in your career. Let your online presence serve as a comprehensive portfolio for all the “know-how” and expertise you have in a particular field.
  2. Be authentic. While it’s important to incorporate things that relate to your field, you shouldn’t neglect to showcase personal interests and hobbies that correspond to your industry. Try to imagine your professional expertise as the leading actor in a play and all of your hobbies and interests as the supporting cast. These components come together to define a personal brand that will attract recruiters.
  3. Use Twitter to identify key influencers. Microblogging is an extremely effective means of establishing yourself. If you don’t already know the key influencers in your line of work, take the time to do some research. Follow, retweet, and mention the big players and businesses that interest you. However, don’t flood the “Twittersphere” with irrelevant noise: quality over quantity is key.
  4. Use LinkedIn to engage with your industry. Display your resume, and connect with current friends and business contacts who could potentially help you network. Take the initiative to join groups and contribute to conversations. Once you have some confidence in your back pocket, don’t be afraid to reach out to those new relationships with a personalized message.
  5. Create a bestseller. Try to let each platform speak as a different aspect of a greater whole. Imagine all of your social networks as individual writing components that come together to create a bestseller. Establish the plot with LinkedIn, give some interesting backstory with Twitter, and then let Pinterest or Tumblr tie it all together with thoughtful details and creativity.

Now that you’re “putting your best social foot forward,” you should have a good leg up on the job market and hopefully some added confidence. Although you’re probably still going to face some inevitable rejection, don’t get discouraged! Just scream into the nearest pillow, and look for the next opportunity ahead.