5 Ways to Optimize Your Customer Care Twitter Bio

By: Sofie De Beule

November 3, 2014

Beyond creating separate Twitter accounts to handle customer service on social media, what should your Twitter bio really look like? Are there any rules you should follow? How can you truly make your customer care Twitter bio stand out?

Customers should know what to expect from the service you deliver. The way you describe yourself online says a lot about how you provide customer service and ultimately, how you do business.

There are 5 crucial best practices to incorporate in your Twitter bio. Is your brand really hitting the right marks?

1. Include ‘Customer Care’ in Your Twitter Name

Be straightforward and clear. Although it seems like a small change, don’t forget to include ‘customer care’, ‘customer support’, etc. in some way in your Twitter name.

2. Be Upfront: State That You Deliver Customer Service

Beyond tweaking your Twitter name, don’t forget to state that you actually deliver customer service in your Twitter bio.

e.g. “Providing customer care since”, “Customer care team, at your service!”

3. Include Opening Hours

When is your company able to provide social customer service? Make sure this type of information is available for everyone to see. Customers need to instantly know whether they can access you through social media or have to look for an alternative. Commonly, this is between 8am and 8pm from Monday until Friday, depending on the industry you work in.

4. Have an Alternative Available

Dealing with an issue after hours? Make sure you state an alternative to tweeting to your company in the Twitter bio (e.g. directing to your online help center with a link).

5. Who’s Tweeting?

Let your customers know who’s behind your Twitter handle to give your company a human face. You will be surprised by how much this small tweak will pay off! Adding a name in the Twitter Bio isn’t possible for every company, especially in larger teams dealing with a high volume of incoming messages. But, in that case, it’s a nice alternative to have your social media team and a tweet with their name.

One of the best examples of a company who knows how to get their Twitter Bio right is KLM, the Dutch airline company that is truly at the forefront when it comes to delivering social customer service. Updating their response time in their Twitter header really put them ahead of the game.

Although it’s only one step to tweak your Twitter bio, meeting these expectations is an entirely different story. Make sure that once you’ve agreed on the standards of service you will deliver, you are then able to live up to that promise.