6 Convenient Adjustments to Engagor to Improve Your Workflow

By: Jozefien Verhaeghe

January 30, 2014

product suggestion

Engagor will soon blow out 3 candles, and over the course of those years our team has become a well-oiled machine. Every day we blog, develop new features, and help our clients in various ways. New developments every day? Yes, you heard it right!

Here at Engagor, we strongly believe in client collaboration. Whenever customers give us feedback, this information is bundled and instantly forwarded to our Development Heroes. In fact, some of our coolest features were born out of product suggestions by clients!

Currently, you are always alerted of the hottest new features as they become available, but some of our smaller updates might interest you as well. Being a part of the Support Team, I’m at the center of these improvements, so allow me to bring some features to your attention.

Facebook Mentions: Search on Conversation Types

Do you want to see which Facebook mentions were Wall posts or how many Unpublished posts you had during the last month?

Use our convenient ‘Conversation Type’ filter! Options include Wall posts (what others posted on your wall), Page posts (what was posted by the page itself), and Unpublished posts. The latter is a specific type of Facebook post which allows marketers to direct their messages to specific groups of people rather than having a Page post appear to everyone who likes their Page. These page posts are only distributed to users through promoted channels.

Sort Mentions by ‘Response Time’ & ‘Resolve Time’

A recent suggestion we implemented is to include ‘Response Time’ and ‘Resolve Time’ as sorting options in the Inbox. The mentions with the longest Reply/Resolve Time will be displayed on top of the page. This allows you to see what type of mentions demand more time to make some necessary improvements.

Archive Tags

This adjustment is particularly interesting for loyal Engagor users. Let’s say you use a different tag for each specific campaign, event, or even product. When the campaign is finished, you may no longer want this tag to be visible in Settings > Tags or when working in the Inbox. Deleting it is not an option because this will also remove the tag from previous mentions.

For use cases like this, we added the ‘Archive Tag’ option. When going to Setting > Tags > hover over a tag and you will see this icon:

Clicking there will add the tag to a list of ‘Archived Tags’ lower on that page.

An archived tag:

  • is no longer visible in the drop-down menu in Inbox > ‘+ Tag’
  • doesn’t disappear from older mentions and exports

Hover Over Label for Mailbox / Dashboards / Smart Folders Names

When your Dashboard, Mailbox, or Smart Folder has a long name, this isn’t always displayed fully in the left hand menu. However, hovering over it will show you the full description.

New Permission for User Roles: “Create New Tags, and Edit or Delete Existing Ones”

When creating a Custom User Role, we added a new permission: ‘Create new tags, and edit or delete existing ones’. Let’s say for instance some team members should only be able to add existing tags to mentions or remove them but not create new ones. To do this, you can create a Custom User Role to define that this permission is not granted:

Search Through Mentions More Quickly by Typing the First Letter of a Condition

As you know, we offer a broad variety of conditions to search through your mentions. In order to make the process of setting up a filter faster, we added the option to simply start typing the first letters of this condition.

You can try this yourself by opening our search bar. Then, open the drop-down containing conditions and begin typing the one you wish to select. The most closely matching option will be highlighted, and the rest of the options that match less closely will blink slightly to indicate there are other matches.

If these updates triggered your interest, feel free to give our tool a try! We offer free trial accounts for 14 days, so don’t be afraid to send us your feedback as well. Our Support Team is at your disposal, and in the meantime, we’ll just keep rocking your world with new updates.