7 Cool, Small New Engagor Features You Need to Know Today

By: Sofie De Beule

April 28, 2015

In our continuous efforts to keep the Engagor platform state-of-the-art, we not only focus on launching big features like our new Publisher and our Engagement Performance Dashboard. We make sure we have all the details covered as well. On a daily basis, users really help us to implement all of these enhancements, so a big thank you to all of you!

1. We Show Which Smart Folders Have Alerts

In Engagor, it’s possible to enable Smart Folder alerts to help you keep track of your incoming social media mentions at all times – and make sure no message slips through the cracks. Many companies use them because they work within a certain SLA (or Service Level Agreement). This means that social media mentions need to be answered or acted upon within a certain time frame (for example, replying to mentions in less than 30 minutes).

To help you stay on top of every aspect of your social media presence, we now show you which Smart Folders have alerts enabled. Simply click on the settings of your Smart Folders via the little cog wheel, and you will notice a small remark next to your Smart Folder (e.g. 1 alert). This way, each time you change the settings of you Smart Folders, you immediately notice which folders already have an alert enabled and which don’t.

Just a small recap of SLA Alerts: this Enterprise plan feature allows you to receive an email or mobile push notification each time a Smart Folder contains mentions older than a certain target.

2. You Can Now Save Filters in Scheduled Posts

With the new Publisher that went live just a few weeks ago, a lot of exciting, new changes and features were added to that, like the Google Chrome Extension, the Content Calendar, etc. Another nice addition is that you’re now able to save much-used filters in the Scheduled posts folder. This comes in handy, for example, when scanning through your scheduled posts for content about specific campaigns, posts scheduled by specific users, etc. to help you make quick adjustments to the content you publish on your social media channels.


And let’s not forget about a pretty big one we released a couple of weeks ago, since Instagram is all the rage these days: users our now able to reply to Instagram mentions.

3. Account History Now Contains More Information

If a user makes changes in Engagor, you’re able to check this in your Account History to help you keep track of all the changes made to your account. Simply go to settings (through the little cog wheel) in the top navigation bar on the right, and select ‘History’ in the sidebar on the left. In the past, we already gave an overview of a number of actions. However, we’ve now expanded this function so you’ll be able to see:

  • Changes to Business Hours Schedules of users
  • Changes made to the user role of a user
  • To which topic a social stream was connected

By taking a look at the history of the changes you made in your account, you’re able to track almost every change a user makes in Engagor.

4. Reply With Emoji’s In New Publisher

Like said before, we launched the Publisher a couple of weeks ago. Here’s an exciting update on it: we’ve already added some cool features to that – emoji’s! Don’t underestimate the power of an emoticon to talk to your customers and add depth to a conversation. Keep this in mind: customers prefer talking to you in their OWN language. That’s why it’s definitely appropriate to respond with emoji’s on social media. Fortunately, Engagor has this covered!

Responding with emoji’s looks exactly like the image below. You can type either type a code or select one by clicking on it. Have fun trying this out!

Important note : emoji’s can help you explain something without having to use too many words! Just like the tweet below, in less than 140 characters, you’re able to say much more than you would have without them. Recently, we’ve added a bunch of new emoji’s to Engagor. Our Development team is working heavily on it to implement all of them in our sentiment analysis to help you keep an even better view of your customers’ satisfaction.

5. Filter on ‘Smart Folder’

Another exciting update on Smart Folders: you now have the option to filter on ‘Smart Folder’. Use this to set up automations, create dashboards, etc. Filtering on data is important to make sure you only see the data that is relevant to your brand, for example, at a particular moment, and determine precisely which data you want to look at. That’s why being able to filter on it is especially useful when creating reports about your social media efforts.

Do bare in mind that filtering on a particular Smart Folder only allows you to filter on a TYPE of filter, and doesn’t auto-select the chosen topics that make up for the Smart Folder.

6. Mention Counter in Web Title

Social media messages quickly line up in your social media inbox. That’s why we now display a Mention Counter in our web title to help you grasp the amount of unresolved mentions at a glance. This way, you will be able to keep a more accurate overview of the amount of mentions that still need a reply or action.

7. Discover Extra KPI Data With Flip Card Feature

We all know numbers (Reach, Fan Growth, Engagement Rate, etc.) really do count. Go to ‘Insights’ and click on ‘Profile Metrics’. At the bottom, you will see a selection of ‘Other Profile Metrics’ for the social profiles you’ve connected to your Engagor account. Our new Flip Card features allow users to flip certain profile metrics charts and show additional KPI data, such as, Total, Average, Daily Maximum of mentions for a specific social profile. The flip switch is displayed when hovering over a chart. Important note: you can also add the flipped version to your dashboards.

The Flip Card feature is available for these profile metrics charts:

  • Facebook: Page Views, Post Reach, Total Reach, Positive Feedback from Users, Net likes, Where Your Page Likes Came From & Negative Feedback from Users
  • Twitter: Potential Reach
  • Youtube: Views

Enjoy our new features. Need any help with a feature? Our dedicated support articles in our online support center are the answer!