7 Short Social Media Case Studies With Examples Across All Industries

By: Sofie De Beule

July 8, 2014

A huge advantage of being a social media software company is that we continuously learn from our customers from up close. We not only pick up new, creative ways customers are using our tool, but discover new solutions to the challenges they face with, for example, handling a high volume of incoming social mentions or the complexity of building social media teams. We are happy to share these short social media case studies about our customers’ experience with our platform.

Take a look at these social media case studies and learn how other companies, across all industries, such as telecommunications, government institutions, and the travel industry, streamline their social media efforts and deliver on an exceptional social media experience.

Travel: Thomas Cook

Thomas Cook, a global travel company, takes care of almost 2 million travelers a year. Thomas Cook tags all questions and remarks travelers give on social media to optimize its customer care.
Social Media Case Study: Thomas Cook

Government: European Parliament

The European Parliament, the only democratically elected EU institution, has a large team of social media officers to manage every aspect of their social presence and report to all member states of the EU.
Social Media Case Study: European Parliament

Telecommunications: T-Mobile

Telecom operator and pioneer in mobile internet, T-Mobile, strives to achieve that same status in the social customer care space. Speed and quality are key in their approach.
Social Media Case Study: T-Mobile

Logistics: Aramex

Aramex, global provider of logistics solutions, operates in over 60 different countries. Reporting on their social media activities is crucial, as they continuously engage their massive customer base.
Social Media Case Study: Aramex

Telecommunications: Telenet

Telenet, early adopter of social media goals, is the largest provider of cable broadband service in Belgium. With their continuous focus on improving their team workflows, Telenet managed to reduce customer response time and improved customer satisfaction.
Social Media Case Study: Telenet

Banking: Belfius

Belfius, the Belgian state-owned banking group, began actively social listening in 2010, and has since adopted a comprehensive approach to social media management.
Social Media Case Study: Belfius

Energy: Eneco

Eneco, one of the largest Dutch energy companies, began Belgian operations in 2003. In 2013, they partnered up with renowned social media advisor, Steven Van Belleghem, to build a precisely tailored social media strategy. Eneco’s own online community plays a central role in building sustainable customer relationships.
Social Media Case Study: Eneco

Have a look at some of all of the above social media case studies to find out how a multitude of companies handle monitoring, analytics, and engagement insightfully.

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