7 Top Engagor Shortcuts to Accelerate Your Social Media Efforts

By: Sofie De Beule

March 5, 2015

Managing your social media presence can be incredibly time-consuming. With high volumes of incoming mentions, companies can’t see the forest for the trees. The majority of brands often lack the right tools or support system to put their ideas into practice.

To prevent brands from getting lost in the stream of social media mentions, companies are desperately looking for crucial shortcuts to improve efficiency, and ultimately, save time and money. In crisis situations, or when dealing with angry customers, it’s crucial to swiftly handle situations and never miss out on an opportunity to acquire and retain customers.

To maximize your impact on social media, discover these 7 essential Engagor shortcuts to spike your social media efforts:

1. Auto-Resolve Your Own Posting

In some cases, incoming social media messages don’t always need a reply or action.

To declutter your Engagor inbox, set up an automation recipe to auto-resolve your own posts (e.g. your own Twitter updates, likes on your posts, Foursquare check-ins). There’s no need to have them in your inbox, and they will only distract you from what really matters: talking to your customers and creating positive customer experiences. They are called ‘recipes’ because you actually create types of ‘formulas’ to perform actions on a consistent basis and help you get more organized.

2. Automatic Dashboard Reports

Creating dashboards is the perfect means to visualize any possible set of data. To help you keep in touch with your brand at all times, Engagor provides the possibility to send automatic reports by mail on a daily or weekly basis. To help set this up in Engagor, go to Settings > Personal Account Settings > Reports > Dashboard Reports. Important Note: You can also send reports from dashboards to people who aren’t Engagor users.

3. Filter on Abusive Language in a Separate Folder

Do you often get a lot of abusive language through your social media channels?

No worries, Engagor has got you covered! Some brands don’t want to respond to profanity when people simply use very rude and offensive language and have created their own policies about this rather sensitive topic. Should we reply to this or not? With a specific automation recipe, you can automatically move these social media messages to a separate folder by filtering, for example, on common curse words. In this case, you don’t want to delete social messages permanently, but you do want to keep a complete overview of your brand.

4. Big Influencer Tagging

Context is everything on social media. Who is talking to me? What is their issue? Which specific question do they have? Make sure you label conversations with tags.

Big influencer tagging allows you to immediately add context to a conversation and prioritize which mentions need an urgent reply. A common ‘Big Influencer’ tag brands create is for mentions sent by people with more than 1,000 followers (e.g. journalists, popular brand evangelist, and so on). Moreover, Engagor also allows you to automatically move these messages to a separate folder.

5. Filter on ‘Language’ in a Separate Folder

An important way of organizing social media messages is by filtering mentions based on language or country. Especially when working in an international environment, filtering by language is very important when you need to immediately assign mentions to the right person and filter them into the right folder. In some cases, social customer care agents are responsible for replying to mentions from a certain country or in a specific language. By filtering them into a separate folder, messages immediately find their way to the right person.

6. Save a Customer’s Client Number & Email With Custom Fields

In Engagor, you can click through to the profiles of people talking about your brand in the inbox. This allows you to not only have immediate access to previous conversations with a customer for historical information, but also helps you identify more specific details about your customers (e.g. email, telephone number, etc.) you were able to add in the past in our Contact Information Sheets. Make this information more complete by adding Custom Fields that are tailored to your brand’s need.

7. Use Saved Filters & Reuse ‘Filters’ Easily

You finally found the perfect filter to unlock the right data set but can’t recall the exact recipe or formula?

Similar to automation recipes, you need to save all the crucial filters you have created in the past. This way, you don’t need to recreate them each time you use them. Using saved filters is very useful while working on a campaign. As you will be using specific keywords at that period in time, finding the right messages through saved filters instantly provides you with the right data.