9 Merry Social Engagement Tips

By: Kate Zimmerman

December 11, 2015

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Social media engagement can be both a merry blessing and an evil curse. It is a great way to have real-time, personal conversations with your customers. But, if you aren’t paying attention or using it properly, you could be missing a huge opportunity. We curated 9 tips to help you jingle all the way to social media engagement success.

1. Make sure you’re listening to your customers! This may seem basic, but if you aren’t listening to your customers on social media, then it’s going to be pretty hard to engage with them. Remember to look beyond just @mentions. Your customers may not have tagged you, even though they’re talking about you. Social media listening software can help with this.

2. Always close the loop. Customers are more and more frequently turning to social media to solve the problems they used to turn to the call center for. This practice not only saves you money by reducing call volume, it also provides the opportunity for others to see your responses. But, no one is helped if you ignore the message.

3. Remember that positive comments are just as important as negative ones. Responding to and engaging with your happy customers is just as important as solving the problems of unhappy customers. Keeping current customers is much less expensive than attracting new ones.

4. Respond as quickly as possible. Make sure you have a process in place to respond to your customers, ideally in under an hour.

5. Use hashtags to your advantage. Hashtags are a great way to join conversations and also make sure you aren’t missing your customers. If someone has created a #yourbrandstinks hashtag, you better make sure that you’re listening to it!

6. Be real. Automated messages have a time and place and they can be very useful in keeping down response times. But, be real as much as you can on social media. If your customer is sad that they missed their favorite TV show because their cable was down, express empathy and suggest your On Demand service for them to catch up.

7. Don’t just be self-promotional. Yes, the point of your social media presence is to promote your brand. But, part of that can come from sharing information that doesn’t directly advertise your company. Share content from thought leaders in your field. This gives your followers a better reason to follow you and increases your creditability.

8. Use social media monitoring to track trends. If your customers are complaining at the same time every week about the same thing, you may have a systemic problem. But, if you aren’t tracking and monitoring your social media, you could miss this huge opportunity to help your customers. Using voice of the customer software, will help you pinpoint trends and take the appropriate actions.

9. Share feedback with the appropriate parties. Once you have identified insight on social media and have responded to the customer, you need to make sure the appropriate parties are aware of the customer’s feedback. If customers are frequently talking about billing, you need to make sure that your billing department is aware of what is being said so that they can make any necessary changes.

To learn more, check out this Forrester report, The Top 10 Things to Know About Social Media in VoC Programs.

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Kate Zimmerman is a Content Marketing Specialist at Clarabridge. Kate focuses on building content that supports CX efforts, product marketing, analyst relations, and has become an industry expert in Customer Experience Management. Kate holds a B.A in Politics from the University of Virginia and can be found on Twitter at @kmzimm.