98% of Top Brands are Active on Twitter, 92% Tweet Daily

By: Sofie De Beule

January 24, 2014

Simply Measured
visual content

Twitter has clearly matured as a social platform, and every top brand has adopted it in their social media strategy. Real-time action keeps their large user base regularly engaged. The enabling of mobile activity is a big part of the network’s success.

A recent study by Simply Measured showed that 500 Million Tweets are being send out per day. A large number goes out to brands who tap into conversations and engage with their audience to get their brand message across. Furthermore, the micro-blogging social network counts 230 million monthly active users. Some top brands have a really big following: 58% of top brands have over 100,000 followers with 17% having over 1 million followers.

Here are 5 important key findings every marketer should know about:

• 92% of top brands Tweet at least once a day to help grow their audience

98% of all top brands are active on Twitter making it a valuable and necessary channel for marketing purposes

• companies working with brand consultants, Interbrand, Tweets 12 times per day

• Tweets with photos and links receive 150% more engagement

Visual is King on Twitter

Twitter is all about sharing content. Simply Measured dug deep into engagement: most engagement comes from pic.twitter.com links (Twitter’s image service which displays photos directly in a user’s Twitter feed) registering on average about 210 engagements per Tweet.

On any kind of platform, visual content performs really well. Surprisingly, Pinterest links perform second highest considering the visuals don’t display directly in Tweets. Furthermore, Bit.ly links are one of the most common link types performing lowest as there’s no indication of what to expect before clicking on it.