A Day in the Life of an Engagor User

By: Kate Zimmerman

April 12, 2016

Social Customer Care
Social Engagement
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Almost a year ago, I learned about a social media engagement company based out of Belgium, Engagor. Little did I know that this company would change the face and the future of Clarabridge. Fast forward to today, and not only do we have another office on the map and dozens of new employees to collaborate with, but I also have a much more efficient, time-saving way to manage Clarabridge’s social media accounts.

As Clarabridge’s social media manager, Engagor is the first tool I open every morning and the last one I look at every night. It takes social media listening, engagement, and customer care to a whole new level. Clarabridge is a small company with a small social media presence, but I don’t know how I would do my job without Engagor. Here are three of my favorite Engagor features.


Engagor is able to identify every post that mentions Clarabridge on every channel. It pulls all the relevant Tweets, Facebook posts, articles, comments, and so much more, aggregating them into their inbox. At this point, each post can be tagged, assigned, and resolved—all in one unified, simple screen!

This works especially well when we receive posts from customers looking for help. I can quickly email or assign any post to the relevant customer care team, and once I have a response for them, I can reply within Engagor and then mark it as resolved so I know not to worry about it anymore.

This is also helpful when other people are helping me manage our accounts, especially across multiple time zones. For example, during out C3 Europe event last fall, other members of our European marketing team managed our social presence in real time. When I woke up in the U.S. and logged in, I knew where to pick up and didn’t have to do any duplicate work because the messages that still needed action were all waiting for me in my inbox.



This may seem like a given for a social media platform, but Engagor’s publishing feature really does make my job easier. A Google Chrome extension allows me to easily compose and share my social posts from any page on the web, so that as I’m browsing pieces by industry experts, I can quickly compose and schedule a post to share with our followers. And, because accounts can house multiple social profiles, I can post to my personal Twitter, Clarabridge’s Twitter, Clarabridge’s LinkedIn, and more all at once!

Going into weekends or periods where I will be away from the office for longer than a day, I can go into the content calendar part of the publishing function. Here, I make sure that my posts are diversified and spaced out. I can also easily see old posts and copy them to reuse again later. As someone who prefers to organize things visually, this really helps me keep on top of everything going onto our corporate social accounts. Also, Engagor’s mobile app helps me to see what’s being said about Clarabridge, even when I don’t have my laptop near me.



One of Engagor’s strengths is its ability to analyze all of the data that’s being picked up. It shows me the breakdown of the demographics of who’s following us, interacting with us, and sharing content about us. It breaks down the sentiment surrounding all these posts. It identifies high influencers so that I can prioritize which posts to address first.


I started out using Engagor because I wanted to “practice what I preach.” However it has quickly become an essential part of my job and makes everything surrounding our social media presence that much easier and more efficient. Want to learn more about social customer care? Check out our eBook, Building a Social Customer Care Team.


Kate Zimmerman is a Content Marketing Specialist at Clarabridge. Kate focuses on building content that supports CX efforts, product marketing, analyst relations, and has become an industry expert in Customer Experience Management. Kate holds a B.A in Politics from the University of Virginia and can be found on Twitter at @kmzimm.