ADP Shares how they’ve Taken Customer Experience across the Globe

By: Clarabridge Team

October 15, 2015

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Taking a customer experience programme to 17 countries, incorporating 13 different languages, is no easy feat! And yet, Gustaf Isaksson, Senior Director of Client Loyalty at ADP, has helped achieve just that.

We chatted with Isaksson to get the inside scoop on his best practices, lessons learned, and strategies for growing a global CX programme. Gustaf will also be joining us as a speaker at C3 Europe in London on 28th October 2015. Here’s what Gustaf had to share:

Sentiments: What’s been the biggest stride or achievement you’ve made in your customer experience programme?

Isaksson: Making sure that customer experience is considered and prioritized for all decision making processes throughout the business. Our CX programme is a global one, spanning 17 countries and analysing customer feedback in 13 different languages. It is therefore extremely vital to make the Voice of the Customer data readily available for everybody to use. We also focus on sharing the feedback through storytelling, so that it more easily resonates with our audience.

Sentiments: What are some challenges you’ve faced when building a global customer experience programme, and how have you overcome them?

Isaksson: We are faced with different cultures and languages at each local office. There are also varying levels of acceptance to change. When we introduce customer experience initiatives to a new geography, we have to make sure to communicate the value of customer data effectively. Change management is critical. We also focus efforts on creating small changes that improve the business for the better, rather than focusing on creating perfection. This way, it’s easier to prove the value of the programme.

Sentiments: What kind of business impact have you seen from your CX programme?

Isaksson: We have reached record client retention levels of above 90%. This has been made possible by turning Voice of the Customer insights into action, identifying our clients’ key moments of truth, and by empowering frontline associate to remove pain points.

Sentiments: What is one piece of advice you’d give to CX professionals who are starting to build a customer experience programme?

Isaksson: Do not try and boil the ocean. Making a lot of small changes or improvements can be just as impactful as introducing one large change. Smaller wins are easier to come by and can have a strong impact to the bottom line, making it easier to share and grow the CX footprint at your company.

Sentiments: What will attendees learn from your presentation at C3?

Isaksson: How to successfully build and drive action from a global CX programme. At ADP, we’ve had a lot of experience in expanding and introducing customer experience initiatives to new countries. At C3, I’ll share how we’ve set up our customer experience programme to support this growth, how we’ve rallied our employees to improve their engagement in customer-first initiatives, and how we share Voice of the Customer insights to drive action across all levels of the business.

Serina Aswani is Manager of Content Marketing and EMEA Marketing at Clarabridge. As part of her responsibilities, Serina serves as the voice of Clarabridge’s customers, highlighting customer stories and sharing proven best practices for implementing successful Customer Experience Management programs. Serina also oversees content marketing strategy and PR for the Europe, Middle East, and Africa (EMEA) region. She is responsible for establishing Clarabridge’s position as an industry thought leader across EMEA. Serina holds a M.S. in Commerce, specializing in Marketing and Management, as well as a B.A in French and Studio Arts, from the University of Virginia. Read more from Serina on Twitter at @SerinaAswani