Airlines, Listen up and Close the Loop with Customers

By: Susan Ganeshan

June 19, 2017

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In light of a series of unfortunate events with many Airlines recently, complaints in April have spiked 70% prior to the year before. Now, some might argue that considering recent events, passengers are not only tired of feeling unheard, but empowered to do something (publicly) about it. Unfortunately, customer expectations of airlines are already low—however, all that means is one airline can easily differentiate themselves by providing thoughtful, seamless experiences, but there are two key ways to get there.


Given the significant amount of time Airlines spend assisting customers, you’d think that wealth of information would be used to proactively assist customers in what’s already a confusing and stressful situation. Listening isn’t just about looking at survey data and benchmarking that year over year- some of the most successful companies define listening as understanding customer feedback through sentiment, tone, and emotion along each point of the customer journey. But how do you quantify emotion by looking at a set of notes? With the right technology, you can use machine learning to really understand the human sentiment behind every single interaction. Furthermore- you can streamline your problem areas. By drilling into negative sentiment and finding trends in the terms used there, you might find that baggage policies aren’t clearly defined, or that staff at a specific airport are doing serious damage to your brand.

Closing the Loop

So, you have all this information…now what? Closing the loop means that data goes beyond your insights team, and filters throughout the organization so that everyone in your company has the same understanding of what a seamless experience means for your business. By making sure trends in consumer feedback are understood at every level in your organization, employees in the field and the contact center can provide thoughtful, seamless experiences. Now that your employees are on the same page, it’s time to put your money where your mouth is and let customers know that they’ve been heard, and you’re ready to act. This could mean announcing modifications to existing policies that were posing issues or announcing kid-friendly meal options.

In the end, we all want the same thing. Customers want to be heard, and businesses want to truly understand how customers really feel. Curious about how the right tools can equip you with a superior understanding of customer feedback? Get a demo today.