Almost Valentine’s Day: How Are You Showing Your Customers Some Love on Social Media?

By: Sofie De Beule

February 11, 2015

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, a lot of companies use this time of the year to explore new ways to spread some love, show their appreciation and gratitude towards customers, and build loyal customers. But, don’t look too far to engage in an act of love and kindness! The answer is easy: the faster you reply and provide your customers with the right solution, the more they will love you back and do business with you.

So, how can you make sure you effectively show your customers some love?

Here are 4 crucial questions any marketer, customer service agent, or social media team leader should ask themselves to know whether or not they’re successfully spreading love to their customers.

1. How FAST are you helping your customers?

Timing is everything.

Customers want their voice to be heard and don’t want to wait around for hours to get a proper answer to their questions. After all, you don’t stay on a company’s customer service phone line for hours listening to dreadful elevator music either, do you? In Engagor’s ‘Average Time to Reply,’ you can easily track how long it takes your brand to respond to customer concerns. Use this to evaluate the performance of your entire team and keep your individual social media team members on their toes as well.

Important Note: No need to worry if a tweet comes in at around 10pm at night and your social media team is only able to respond from 8am to 6pm. Average Time to First Action takes business hours into account.

2. How MANY CUSTOMERS are you sharing the love with?

Each interaction with customers is precious. Treasure the moments, and delight your customers each time – over and over again.

Engagor’s Unique Users Serviced will easily tell you, in the blink of an eye, how many users you helped out and shared the love with. Noticing a huge rise in Unique Users Serviced and the workload is no longer manageable? Consider expanding your team to take some weight off your social agents’ shoulders.

3. How MANY TIMES do you actually reach out to your customers?

Every conversation is an opportunity to change customer sentiment. Turn a negative experience into a positive one, and make your customers happy!

In Engagor, ‘Mentions With Actions’ tells you how many times (expressed in percentages) you performed an action on a mention (e.g. resolved or favorited a mention, forwarded a message to a colleague) to help your customers out. Let’s say you were already able to act on 50% of all mentions. But, what about those other 50%? Who’s taking care of them? Let this be an easy reminder you shouldn’t miss out on any opportunity to engage in a conversation with your customers. When responding to your customers, just make sure you’re not too spammy or provide no added-value to the conversation. That would only leave your customer with a meaningless experience.

Already reaching 100%? Thumbs up! Your social media team is doing a magnificent job!

Good to Know: In Engagor, it’s also possible to drill down on the ‘Type of Actions’. Take a look at the number of Resolves, Retweets, Favorites, Tags, Notes, Likes, etc. your social media team performed. This usually gives brands a good idea of how they can declutter the inbox and simplify their way of working. To help brands focus only on what’s important, set up automations (e.g. automatically resolve the posts you publish on social media yourself, resolve likes on your Facebook posts, etc.). That way, the happiness of your customers remains a top priority.

4. WHEN should you be talking with your customers?

When are you sending out the most love, but most importantly, when SHOULD you be sending out the most love?

In Engagor’s analytics dashboard, ‘Post vs. Engagement by Time of Day’ allows you to connect the dots and analyze when your audience wants to engage with your brand. Social media efforts are meaningless if you aren’t engaging with your community at the right moment. ‘Post vs. Engagement by Time of Day’ gives you an in-depth look into when your community is interacting the most with you and when your own posting activity is highest, based on activity per hour of the day and per day of the week.


In Engagor’s analytics and the Performance section, users are able to keep a close eye on the customers they are helping out. Brands can easily find an answer to:

  • How much time it takes to respond to incoming social media messages
  • How many unique users they are helping out
  • How many incoming mentions were acted on
  • What days of the week and times of the day they should be ready for the biggest inflow

Based on these in-depth insights, brands are can keep a close eye on their customers’ happiness. By creating easy-to-implement team workflows through automations, they can help simplify their social customer engagement. That way, brands can truly focus on what’s important: creating happy, loyal customers over the long haul and delivering a relevant, exceptional customer experience.