An overview of all changes in Engagor 3.0

By: Jurriaan Persyn

April 19, 2012

Earlier this week we launched Engagor 3.0. If you want a quick overview of what this version is about, check the original announcement.
This blog post is for those who want to dive deeper into everything we’ve changed; we’ll share the little details of why we’re so excited about this release.

A new look

Engagor now sports a design that is more user-friendly and just looks better. The new design makes full use of the available screen space and advances Engagor to an application-like tool.

We’re using responsive design techniques to make the web app look great on your desktop, but also on tablets and other mobile devices.

What has changed?

Improved topic setup and filtering options

You no longer have to worry about OR’s, AND’s or parentheses in your topic setup or when filtering your inbox and statistics.
In Engagor 3.0 we introduce the flexible ‘visual search’; Each row equals a filter condition that the mentions have to meet. This new interface enables you to set up complex filters in a straightforward and structured way. Moreover, when you apply a certain combination of filters, you can save this search to reuse it later.
These advanced filters can then be applied to every single statistics page within Engagor.

An example? Getting a list of influential people from Belgium, that have less than 1000 followers and have spoken about you with a negative sentiment. Another one? Getting a breakdown of the time of day and day of week when people are active on a certain Facebook page.
And that’s just two of the possibilities; we’re eager to find out which inventive filters our clients can come up with. Oh, and of course filtering is super quick and results are realtime.

Restructured Inbox

We’ve reworked the inbox so you get quicker to those messages that are important to you. In the left-hand column you pick which topics you’re interested in, and apply any other filter you want: sentiment, source, tag, type…
If people are talking about you or your topics this very moment, you’ll see those new mentions popping up in your inbox in realtime.

What is new?

Workflow Automation

In what we call our ‘workflow engine’ you can trigger custom actions when new social mentions (that match certain filters) are found. As you can imagine, this is a very powerful feature.
Actions you can trigger include sending an email notification or assigning a mention to a team member. This way you can, for example, identify new sales leads by assigning mentions about your competitors directly to the sales team, or escalate peaks in negative mentions more quickly by sending real time email notifications for them.
With this feature we allow you to automate your social workflow to make sure the right mentions are handled by the right people!

Instagram support

We have added full support for monitoring photos, comments and likes of the hip photo sharing service We offer graphs showing the evolution of followers and interactions of profiles, allow you to compare the performance and identify popular photos and users.

Inbox Usage Statistics

If there’s several people in your team using the workflow tools we offer in our inbox, we’re making statistics available of which agents did what, to make it easier for you to stay on top of how your online customer support is performing.

Full-screen view

Simply press F, on any page, to go to a beautiful full-screen view that shows only your statistics. (Press H to have a look at the other available keyboard shortcuts.)

Save searches/filters to re-use

Do you often filter your statistics or an inbox for certain filters relevant to your industry or for reporting? Save time by saving your filter configurations. Set up your desired filter, click “save search”, give it a name, and the next time you can pick your advanced filter with a single click from a dropdown.

New Statistics for the Data Crunchers

  • An overview of top users interacting with your (competitor’s) Twitter account.
  • An export of influencers now also contains the number of followers a Twitter account has.
  • If you link a LinkedIn group to a topic, you can access separate statistics about this group in Insights.
  • Support for detecting influential people on LinkedIn, Foursquare and, next to Twitter and Facebook.

Improved Moderation of Facebook Pages

It’s now become easier to moderate your different Facebook pages all at once. Apart from commenting or liking posts directly from within our tool, we have added support for moderating both wall posts and users on your pages.

Up-to-date support for Facebook Timeline

Engagor fully supports the new Facebook Timeline and can also monitor private messages users can now send to your pages, allowing you to answer any incoming messages you might have.

New Settings
  • Deleting data from your topics is improved, so you can more easily filter out any noise you might have.
  • You can choose to enable or disable automatic sentiment analysis. This allows you to choose between getting a broader view or a more accurate view of the how people are talking about your subjects. (Now Engagor learns from any changes to sentiment you make manually.)

Engagor API Closed-Beta Programme

From today we’re starting to offer an OAuth REST API in closed beta with a few selected partners. Through the API you can leverage your social data and Engagor’s insights in your own application or website. If you would like to enroll in the beta-program, contact us through

Thanks to all testers and feedback

This new version of Engagor has been beta-tested over the last few weeks, and we have to thank everyone who took the time to get to us with their feedback and bug reports. We had some very enthusiastic mails about this revamp of Engagor from early adopters and hope you’ll like it too.

We hope we have convinced you of Engagor’s strength with all these changes and additions. We work hard to be the perfect partner in your social media monitoring and management.
If you are interested in an account, sign up for a free trial or get in touch through if you’d like a demo.